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VIC TAC bike levy - have the rules changed? Initially charged for two bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tim, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hi All..

    Received my rego for the blade and it DID include the motorcycle safety levy, which I paid at the start of this month on my DR. Rang Vicroads to get it removed to be told that it gets charged on every 2 bikes you have. I have 3 registered bikes, this means I now have to pay it twice per year..

    Looking for anything on vicroads site that negates this, any help or info you have would be appreciated.

  2. Re: TAC bike levy - have the rules changed?

    and it depends on who you speak to in Vicroads.. Next person I rang, informed me that one bike only was correct and they had fixed my label and were sending out a new one..

    That only took an hour to get sorted, what a PITA for nothing..

    mods - feel free to delete thread..
  3. Re: TAC bike levy - have the rules changed?

    please do not delete thread - other people will no doubt experience this same screw up, this information is very useful.
  4. Re: TAC bike levy - have the rules changed?

    WTF? You were charged twice??

    That's worth an official complaint so that that glitch doesn't happen again! I'm being genuinely serious. Call them back, the details of your prior call and resolution will be against your licence number, but you want it escalated to an official incident so that the corporate processes will turn and investigate the glitch.

    Do it mate.
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  5. so one person said it was right, and the second didn't?

    do what rob said and complain, even though its fixed..