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VIC TAC announces new campaign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by veryuglyboxer, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. TAC is really pushing the envelope here..... I just wonder what is happening behind the scenes with the Transport Minister.... How long before the "recommended" protective clothing becomes a legal requirement??

    Victoria - the Nanny state

  2. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    Oh look there is a nice little byline addressing over all driver behaviour

    “The TAC is also reminding Victorians that drivers are not exempt from their responsibilities to drive predictably and to constantly keep a look out for riders.”
  3. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    DUH. The message is, wear protective clothing and 'ride safely'. Genius, I wish I thought of that.
  4. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    Glad to see the money they steal from us is going to good use :rolleyes:
  5. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    correct me if I'm wrong but I'm not sure the police wear ATGATT so how can they insist we do? If they really believed this wouldn't they be concerned about their own first? On my commute I see cop bikes pulling out in front of 100km/hr traffic, parked dangerously on the side of the highway, splitting as fast as they can to catch a bike splitting normally - from where I'm sitting they have the same risks of riding PLUS additional risks they take to pull people over - my ride seems safer yet I'm all geared up and they're not but they want to tell me what to wear.

    sorry for the ramble - i have the flu :(
  6. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    The law never applies to the police, because it's up to the police to enforce it.
  7. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    1. VicPol do wear proper gear (unlike most states)
    2. NO levy money was used in this campaign.

    Go to the TAC's spokes website http://www.spokes.com.auand have a look at what is probably one of the worst adverts I've ever seen. Particularly at the end where the guy appears to highside while travelling in a straight line.

    It is my considered opinion that this is not aimed at riders - it's aimed at showing how bad motorcyclists are and how dangerous riding is in an effort to deter people from taking it up.

    Some history...

    Last year VMAC members were disturbed by the campaign that the TAC ran and requested that we be informed of future campaigns and given a chance to comment.

    We found out that there was a campaign coming up just prior to the meeting last week - we found out by means of an article in a local newspaper.

    The TAC rep was reminded of last year and asked about the campaign. She acknowledged that there was a campaign coming up and said we would get information prior to the eventual launch.

    Yesterday we found out (third hand) that there was a launch this morning - no VMAC member received any invitation or any information until an hour before the launch when an email arrived informing us.

    Probably the best comment on the advert is from another VMAC member...

    I am dumbfounded at TAC ... shellshocked.

    We have put in a formal complaint to the Minister about the TAC's attitude and about the advert.
  8. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    I have a quick question. I know when we come off we're squishy and don't have air bags so we tend to get dead more which I suppose is the 14% of deaths, but do we have more than our 3% quota of accidents as is our share of the road fleet???
  9. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    I think it's about 11% of crashes (I'll need to chase it up as my memory may be faulty) so yes we do...
  10. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    How many of the 43 were "unriders"?
  11. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    aaah its all levels of crap, mud, and umm crap. They want to improve the amount of riders who wear appropriate gear, approach people at the training centers. It's generally too late to change peoples thoughts after they have decided/seen the minimum legal requirement. I do not recall any discussion at my Learners or Provisionals course which more than glanced sideways at safety gear.

    In short I guess I mean, it is probably more likely to convince a person who is already in a mood to learn, then a person who has already been through and learnt all they think they need.

    Would it be more cost effective to target the Learning Groups on site, or mass media campaigns that sort of fade out the longer they go on?
  12. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    Per km travelled...
    Starting to ask these questions about real statistical breakdown opens up loads of other questions.?
    How many of the incidents occur during normal travelling behaviour (commuting or actual destination based travel) Vs how many are during hobby riding (Laps of the spurs for example) ?
    How many are from riders who maintain there skills over winter Vs Fair weather riders with potentially rusty skills?
    Do weather conditions push the numbers up or bring them down?

    Does any one collect real statistics about the behaviour of riders that could allow them to focus there campaigns on the real risks not just some broad numbers?
  13. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    I think around 20% - again, that's off the top of my head but I could be wrong.
  14. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    I assume your course was a while ago - there was some discussion during my learner's course (about a year and a half ago) and again at the licence course (a bit over half a year ago). I don't recall exactly what was said though.

    Just watched the ad (after seeing the MRA fb update - came on here to post about it). It rivals anti-smoking ads as the most negative ads currently circulating. It could just as easily been positive, encouraging riders to wear proper gear and ride responsibly, but they chose to represent riders as irresponsible hoons and bikes as death-traps.

    They didn't even attempt to make a connection between safe riding and reducing your risk - which would surely be the key message unless they were trying to discourage riding as a whole.

    Reminiscent of the early aids campaigns in my opinion - discouraging riding instead of unsafe sex or needle usage through overt scare tactics.
  15. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    Go to the Crashstats database at http://crashstat1.roads.vic.gov.au/crashstats/crash.htm and have a play - it's a long way from perfect and not desperately intuitive to use but you might get some info there by region.

    As for vehicle kilometres travelled - there are no really accurate figures available. I've had long running arguments with various people over the accuracy of the ABS figures - since the admit they can be out by 5 to 10% for some states.
  16. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    I went to the launch this morning.

    Watch the news on 7, 9 or ABC tonight for what will most likely be a one sided report.

    I was interviewed....

    Watch the ad Here

    I now sit back to watch all your comments:)
  17. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    *shakes head*
    You guys have given up
    This was the grand promises and the cow towing to politicians and the TAC you've been promising motorcyclists.
    thanks for nothing.
  18. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    Lane splitting increases the risk…
    Do we have some stats to back that assertion?
  19. Re: Here we go.... TAC announces new campaign

    Maybe lane splitting like that guy was. Maybe.

    But I think this is a little misleading... watching a POV camera of someone riding is a *little bit* different to actually riding. You miss out on peripheral vision, scanning, etc...

    Also, it it just me, or does the engine sounds the bike is making not match up with what the engine is doing? In order to make it sound like its going faster than it is?
  20. My, but that was a load of sensationalist rubbish.

    BTW, I'd like to see the study that shows lanesplitting to increase risk. The only one I'm aware of that examines it specifically is the Hurt Report, which concluded that it has a small positive safety benefit.