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VIC TAC Ambushes Oz GP Run

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Oct 19, 2009.

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    In a blatant exercise of Ambush Marketing, TAC set up mobile signs in the main street of Cranbourne on Saturday morning at the MRA Cranbourne Oz GP Run start.

    The area where the sign was located was set aside as a "motorcycle parking only" area, and the vehicle needed to be moved before 8am.

    Despite many calls over the PA for the vehicle driver to come and remove the vehicle - nobody showed up.

    As a result, riders took the matter into their own hands, and covered the signs in disgust.

    Needless to say, riders weren't impressed, as you can see from this Youtube clip:


    It appears that the TAC doesn't believe in following the proper protocols and contacting MRA or City of Casey, but rather just assume that it is their right to interfere in an event that they have made no contribution to.

    The lack of respect for riders and the inept communication skills shown by the TAC do not help. This type of arrogance only alienates those people who the messages are aimed at.

    As a matter of interest I suggested to TAC last year that they get involved with the Oz GP Ride - rather than become involved on a co-operative basis they chose to bypass both the City of Casey and the MRA with the result being less than impressive for them.
  2. There are legal implications here.
  3. Without wanting to legitimise TACs actions, can you indicate what the gist of their message was? If it was protective clothing or drink-driving I would probably view it a little differently to their 'gonna get you' stuff.
    (Not that it makes the ambush issue any less smelly).
  4. The video was useless in actually conveying a message apart from showing a couple of hairy bikers answering a question. (there's the stereotype)

    what exactly happened?
  5. And guess who comes off looking silly? Riders. IMHO, TAC is one-up.
  6. Please explain?
    If there was no damage there would be few charges that could be brought.
    And I would suggest as NO RIDER WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES, if any charges were to be laid Vicpol would have a hard time proving who did what.
  7. I would choose not to make a big deal about this. Sure its a bit sneaky but you just make us look like a pack of whingers with that video
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    And the FORMAL complaint is being lodged when?
  9. Yes - we plan to lodge a complaint.

    The complain is NOT about what was in the ad. It will be about the way they did it - without consultation with the event organizers.

    Personally - I don't like the ad and I don't believe it works. But, that is not what this is all about. Its about how TAC interacts with riders. The bottom line is they do it from the outside in - when they should be doing it the opposite way.
  10. In fact, my understanding is that the City of Casey people were rather pissed off with the TAC as well. I'm surprised that they weren't booked for illegal parking.

    A comment received by email:
    Not sure what the new campaign is but I can guarantee the ute parked amongst the GP Run bikes was NOT very well received at all, partly because it just shouldn't have been parked there but more so because of the image on said vehicle.

    Given the GP Run is designated as a family event, graphic pictures of a blokes arse with or without chunks of meat showing were not appreciated all by Casey organisers and the police involved and i'm very confident the TAC hasn't heard the last of it.
  11. Thee TAC certainly were advertising heavily during the GP on CH 10. But then again, so was a brand of kevlar jeans, which showed people stunting wearing t-shirts... Mixed messages perhaps? On one hand you've got a doctor saying "If he'd been wearing leathers he probably would have walked away..." and on the other you've got loud music and hot chicks and guys stunting in their sexy kevlar jeans and t-shirts.

    Oh, and the Crown forklift ad which I haven't seen since I was a much younger man. That jingle is catchy, damn it!
  12. FFS, someone stole your parking spot?

    What about riders being pulled over and told they should be wearing more than the legal requirement for motorcycle safety gear?

    Unless there's a "Random Breath Test" involved, there's no 'reasonable cause' there for a police officer to stop a motorcyclist, right?
    Will there be a formal complaint about this harassment of motorcycle riders?

    There should be.
  13. Yep I'm with Bonk, there have been numerous riders pulled over and asked why they were not "attired" correctly and they should be better dressed for their own safety. some sort of "operation"
    You lot should be all over this like a rash.

  14. Are you shitting me, they were actually doing that? There's no legitimate reason for them to be pulling people over for that sort of shit.
  15. Is this incidence of riders being 'told what to wear' possibly a facet of the Community Policing initiative?

    It all depends on the way it's being done. If it's bike cops doing random rego and license checks, and then passing on a bit of advice about riding gear - in a reasonable manner - then I have no problem with it.
    If it includes heavy handed roadworthiness checks and is intended to intimidate riders, then of course it's an issue.

    I'd rather hear from someone who has been involved before jumping on this particular bandwagon.

    The TAC material at Cranbourne seems to be more a case of very poor taste and bad manners than anything else, IMHO.
  16. I still have a problem with random rego/license checks, but less so than the idea of being told by someone how to live my life when they have no legitimate authority to do so.

    Someone needs to kick these politicians in the arse and use them as snowshoes.
  17. recently we were approached by nine to be on their sudden impact show, off course they wanted the bike and the lenna getting back on to ride, when i asked them what angle they were going to push, it was that had she not been wearing bike gear she could be dead or have had worse injuries, and basically the whole gear wearing thing, which is what TAC would like to push, so they said (which i generally wear anyway) but i don't like being told I MUST WEAR THIS OR THIS, so basically i gave them a very nice **** off.....

    TAC are pushing this issue hard
  18. IF riders were being pulled over for ANYTHING OTHER THAN a lawful check (reg / licence etc) we need facts, figures and stories.
    I for one would be quite happy to draft a letter to Vicpol / Ken Lay and give him a (polite) reaming for the (presumably) unlawful intercepts.
  19. I suspect it was a matter of selecting for a lawful check those riders not wearing whatever level of protective clothing was deemed sufficient, and having a chat about it while looking over the rego/licence details.

    There's no way to prove the police were being selective in this way, but I doubt they'd be pulling people over without covering their own arses by running 'routine' licence checks.

    What is beyond dispute is that they were raising the issue of protective gear with riders being pulled over.
  20. Sounds like an organisation that I know :p