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VIC TAC Ad: Slowing down won't kill you

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I think I just heard the new TAC ad on 3AW a few minutes ago. Sounds like their next campaign has started.

    The catch phrase they are using is "Slowing down won't kill you."

    I've seen that sign on billboards all over Vic, and to be honest - sure looks like they haven't been listening to everything that riders are telling them about the real truth behind their speed myth as it relates to motorcycles.

    See the TAC Facebook site and comments left about their last media release.

    Just telling us to slow down is the worst "motherhood statement" that they could have chosen.
  2. Hi,

    Nothing on the TAC web site as yet about a new campaign.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Yes, I note that. BTW, what is the latest in your communications with John?
  4. I've seen those billboards too, and to be honest they didn't bother me as much as the 'guilty until proven innocent' style ads showing until recently.

    Does the new radio ad have a hardline approach or is it more the 'educational' style?
  5. I have only heard it once - but it carries the same old, "anti motorcycle" message.

    We will need to wait a bit until we see what they have done.

    I just posted on this on their Facebook site:
  6. Slowing down will kill you,

    As it puts you back in the middle of the cars, They cant see you even if you sit in their laps,

    They will sideswipe, stop in front of you or run up your clacker, Or just try to force you off the road.

    What the TAC think and what is reality are two very different animals,
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  7. Nice work John, this is a beautifully crafted tactical response.
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  8. Hopefully the pre prepared response to this is all ready to go to counter this latest stupidity.
  9. I was counting Smee!!! now I'll have to start over
  10. I just did, Same content as above,

  11. Just spoke to VMC. They are having an Executive meeting this weekend and this will be high on the agenda.
  12. VMAG members have just received an email from the TAC giving a link...

    OK - comments please.

    (note that there's been no VMAG input into this advert whatsoever)
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  13. This is ****ing laughable. 68 kmph they are saying is the problem, rather than the blind muppet who ****ing pulls out in front of him? This is honestly a joke. How can they broadcast this utter shit?

    EDIT: I'm from NSW and I'm totally outraged and in disbelief. I cannot imagine how they think this is an acceptable road safety advertisement to broadcast to the public. It is truly another 'blame the rider' ad. Whoever made the ad should resign in shame. Astonishing.
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  14. That's a joke isn't it?
    All that does is prove beyond any doubt that they haven't the slightest understanding of how a motorcycle works.

    And suppose the SMIDSY driver pulls out a second later, dickheads? What happens then?

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  15. "Drivers pull out at will, bike riders, watch the f@ck out".

    That would've been a more appropriate slogan for that POS poor excuse for an ad.

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  16. Well that certainly proves that the Police are advocating that it is Totally Acceptable for a car to pull out in front of Motor Cycles.

    Even if it is against the Law,

    The Motor Cyclist is in the wrong again,

    Even at 68 KPH, the Bike had plenty of time to react to the driver,

    Like, Duhhh, ride around it,
  17. I agree with the previous comments: no blame applied whatsoever to the car driver for pulling out, makes a mockery of the advert.

    And further lack of honesty shown with the braking. In the 'fatal' segment, the emphasis is on the back brake being applied and locking up into a skid. In the "60kph non-fatal" re-run the front brake is used properly, and all seems well.

    We might as well run a third option at 100kph where the bike would have gone through the T junction before the muppet pulled out, and dealt with the cage being cleaned up by a semi doing 47.3567kph :D
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  18. That ad is complete and utter fuсking bullshit.

    First and foremost, we all notice that it completely absolves the driver of responsibility.

    Second, it doesn't take into account at all that the skid mark analysis is NOWHERE NEAR that precise in real world conditions, ESPECIALLY on vehicles without ABS, and even moreso on vehicles where the driver can selectively lock one wheel.
  19. outfuckingrageous.
  20. See the new post on TAC Facebook about 'targeting motorcycle riders'.