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Tablet computer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by halifax, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking to buy a tablet computer.

    My use will be for playing around on it whilst commuting on the train and (limited) uni work i.e. reading info for uni.

    Im leading to the samsung as it sounds the goods, plus i have the new samsung galaxy phone which im happy with.

    I have an iPhone for work and am typing this post on my macbook, so am familiar with apple offerings.

    Anyone got any suggestions on what to get.
  2. I brought a Acer A500 about a month back for $386 (with Acer $100 eGift only for use with a eBook and music store), and about a week later it dropped to $229 and you still get that $100 eGift pack.

    The prices dropped because my one was a 'Tegra 2' chip, and now Tegra 3 was released a couple of days ago. Who knows if you wait a little longer prices may drop on other tablets?

    I use a computer at work from 8-5 so it's good for a change, I always thought having a tablet was pretty useless since I've got a desktop, 2 laptops and smartphone but after using it I really enjoy using the tablet over the laptop(s). Good for browsing websites, Email, Youtube etc

    I have no use for playing high quality video files so I don't really need a massive performance tablet. One of the uses big uses I have is using a RDC application(s) if I need to do something on my Windows PC like download a TV show/movie I can easily do it. Works pretty much perfect, it's like less then half a second lag but it does it job.

    You can also plug keyboard(s)/Mice/USB flash drives in it (Acer 500) which is pretty good I didn't know you could do that.

    I've got the A500 which is WiFi only version (there's also a Acer A501 which has 3G) so I just make my phone as a wireless hotspot if I need to use the tablet in public.