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TA200 Shadow

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sirian Sun, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. My awesome big brother has offered to pay for my first bike and wants to get me something like the Shadow to start off with.

    I had a look at a couple of pics and have to admit they actually look pretty good. Reviews tend to be a little mixed though.

    Any thoughts on this? I am just about to go for my L's so speed and power are not really factors at this stage lol.

    Cheers :)
  2. It may not be my first choice for a bike, but if I had a brother willing to buy me one, I'd jump at the opportunity. Hopefully doesn't come with overbearing conditions from him. Does it have to be the TA200? I've no idea how much they go for but have a good look around. I know nothing about the bike either, sorry no help in that department from me, but no doubt others will chime in with a pros/cons and suggestions of other bikes to look at.

    Either way, sounds like you've got a top brother.
  3. Wasnt my first choice either lol No conditions, he just wants me to take the time building my confidence before getting anything bigger, faster etc

    He is a FAB brother :grin:
  4. Tell him you'd rather have a VTR250 instead, a far better bike, that is still not powerful enough to get you into trouble.
  5. Hi Caz

    I have been thinking about that as well, I like the VTR. He is looking to spend around $4000.

    Thanks for the suggestion :)
  6. I'd steer clear. You may think that the low power won't bother you, but remember that when you're talking this low you are also heavily compromising ridability and cruising speed. Top speed after a bit of fettling is around 120~130km/h, and I would place a substantial bet that freeway travel would be painful. 80km/h restriction or not, I'd spend money elsewhere.

    A VTR250 would be nice, but it's important to have a look around. I'd advise you to get your L's and go for a few test rides. Don't buy the first bike you ride/see. Have a look around, take your time. Find the bike that is right for you...then make your bro pay for it :grin:

    Check out the GPX250 (ZXR250 with 80's-style fairings), VTR250, CB250, and possibly some other larger LAMs approved bikes. I've heard good things about the Yamaha Virago 250, and saw one the other weekend that looked pretty schmick. Better cruiser look than the TA, and fairly torquey low down. Gearing apparently is fairly low, but thats easy enough to change for freeway/longer trips.

    Anyway, have a look around. It's your bike and you'll be riding it.

    Cheers - boingk