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T88 Supra vs ZX10R

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ktulu, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Streetfire video

    That's gotta be almost as hard as a 10r can possible go :eek:

  2. It seems like the supra was owned
  3. Yeah on one wheel :p it never ceases to amaze me that dudes in riceburners even think that they can get near a sportsbike let alone a zx10 :LOL:
  4. It's even more fun when it's against Ferrari's and Porsche's, although to be honest, most drivers of said vehicles are generally aware that a litre bike will outclass them, and so they don't try because of the embarrasment factor of having their $500K vehicle owned by a $15K vehicle.
  5. And because they can't drive!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. im a fan of bikes
    and then im a major fan of supras my best car cannot wait to finish school and buy one and its stupid to even try racing a car to a sports bike lol
  7. On one wheel. Holllly shit. :LOL:
  8. [​IMG]

    Heh, I thought hmmm the bike is being pushed, he isn't passed the Supra yet...oh wait he's on one wheel. Stupid driver.
  9. hahaha love the ending of it
    whoa whoa whoa....
    he got owned big time.... and most likely he spent like 50k on the car :driver: :eek:wned:
  10. It amazes me that dickheads like you think bikes are un-beatable.

    THere are supra's out there that can out srip a busa in a straight line.

    Not this one i agree (its just clearly been shown.) But it can be done.
  11. my mate sold a 6 cylinder VP commodore that gave a few bikes a scare in it's day.... the pair of T4s did admittedly help a lot.

    plus a 9 second VY SS worries a few... but 20 odd thou on the motor makes me wonder if it's all worth it.

    best bit of advice ever given to me: yeah i've got a lot of receipts for this motor, makes this car go quick... know why i'm selling it? i wanna go quick for 10 grand, jump on. CBR900 went a lot better than a 15k kingswood :p
  12. Yeah, but Supra's are notorious dyno queens, so it's hard to make one genuinely fast on the road.
  13. My bike is way faster than a 10r

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. who needs a litre?
  15. Oh i know that, but i have seen footage of a supra in a race from 40mph to 180mph, dead straight dead flat, the busa had 200rwhp (which if memory serves is a bee's dick more than stock)

    And it was faster, then same bike same car up to 200 mph and the busa was smoked, so whilst i agree it is hard to make any car genuinley fast on tarmac it is do-able and many people do it. hell i've seen a guy's 100 series land cruiser that was modded and boosted and now beats GSXR 1000's on the highway from 55mph.

    MY point is only this, Bikes are not unbeatable.they will win 99% of the time up to a certain speed but anyone who knows anything about performance will always have 4 wheels. (not exclusivley)
  16. But then all I have to do is show up in my Caterham CSR or Donkervoort with a reasonably powerful engine (probably around 300hp will do it) and that'll do anything up till ~200-250kmh.

    If you're definition of performance only involves a straight line. Especially with a Supra able to actually go quickly in a straight line.
  17. Unless it is this.
    That said, would I ride it? Hell no.

    Oi Donks, have you fcuked off yet?
  18. [​IMG]

    Oh yeah totally hot.
  19. What are you a fcukin retard???? do some damned research before you come here and pretend you know whats what.

    and no perfprmance is not just a line, if it were i#d be here advocating how awesome bikes are. the world record for the Nurgurgring (if you even know what that is) is held by a car, not a bike, in fact a porsche GT3 from 2003 is faster than an R1 around said track.

    Do some research you spastic.

    Haggis i am in germany so yes i have.