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t500 running on 1

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by phabbo11, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. hi all,bought a t500 to restore.thought id try starting it..it started but only on 1,but when i turn on lights or indicator it started to fire on 2,but not completely,any ideas.

  2. Did it come with a workshop manual?
  3. It could be a long list on one of those after all these years. Gummed carb(s), duff spark plug, poor plug lead(s), coked-up ports, blocked fuel tap or lines, shot rings, blocked exhaust baffle and so on. That it runs at all is an encouraging start for a resto, but I think you'll need to get everything back to, or as near as you can, to par, before you start tearing the whole thing apart. Having it run reaonably well is a golden point from which to start a rebuild, as you can figure out what's shot and what's not.

    Is it points ignition or has a later CDI been fitted? You describe it as a T500 so I'm guessing its the drum brake model, not the GT with the disc. Good old things, a bit heavy, slow revving and very reliable in the day. Makes sure the oil pump is up to scratch; all depends on the oil feed.

    I think there are T500 or old Zook two-stroke groups on the Net. Someone will have a manual somewhere.
  4. Does it have one set of points or two? If only one, you can rule out points, condenser, coil, power supply to coil etc.

    I'd try new plugs, set the ignition timing and point gap then try again. If you've still had no luck, pull the carbs off and give them a good clean.

  5. GT 500

    Funny thing that, the GT500 I owned years ago would fire up on one cylinder then the second would kick in after a couple of seconds.
  6. I'm with 't others - start with the cheaper, simple and accessible items such as coil, points and plugs. Process of elimination really. Good luck :)