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T Way parramata to blacktown

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crutch, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Hey i got a question.

    Are those camaaras on the Tway operational yet cause it looks like a nice shortcut. Im talkin about the Tway going through winsdor road westmead to parklea.

    and come someone clarify confirm we are allowed in bus/transit lanes but not allowed in bus only lanes
  2. Definately only for the buses. A few are already working 'cause I saw them testing some the other day on the way to work. But it would be hard to tell if the are switched on or not :wink:
  3. We are allowed in any lane except bus lane only (NSW).

  4. thanx for that just needed to know for sure.

    Anyone else noticed that there are lots of new "bus only lanes" but no new "bus lanes"

    anyways that tway looks so dam tempting me thinks the license plate needs a rest
  5. Done that before, good fun and the people waiting for the buses are like wtf?
  6. Hey Crutch the buses don't use that yet do they?

    I keep staring at that TWAY when I sit there at traffic lights and keep meaning to duct tape my number plate and go for a late nigh jaunt up there. I figure some pretty impressive speeds could be acheived on that TWAY there.
  7. Hmmm... has always looked very enticing, especially because the buses arent running yet. I seen some people riding there bicycles down there the other day, I guess theres nothing they could do about that tho?
  8. Hahah, true... that new bridge over abott rd looks very enticing!
  9. Thin strip of black fabric tape.
    Stategically placed.
    I's into T's and F's into E's and all that.

    Have fun boys.
  10. I swear if someone does that and gets my plate, ima kill them.
  11. Challenge accepted.
  12. Hahah.

    So if I hear sirens I know someones gone for a blat down the t-way.
  13. Prediction: within 3 weeks, the Tway will be transformed into a dragstrip at night.
  14. so whos up for a ride then? :p
  15. the devil who usually sits above my left shoulder is in shock, because he looked at the angel above my right shoulder and the angel was already pulling his jacket and gloves on.
    i'm up for a little midnight club
  16. ha!
    why am i not surprised :)
  17. Watch out - two coppers on bikes patrolling and booking motorbike riders using the T-way last thursday. (Both Couriers) Not worth the risk at the moment.