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T(o)o fat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DOH!, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. 6'1", 120kg.
    Am i to heavy (fat) for a 696 monster??
    How do you work out if your to heavy for a bike, other then the frame bending or tyres bulging? DOH!

  2. Re: To fat

    I think you will find that 696 monster has a payload much greater than you!!
    Wouldn't be able to take a pillion otherwise & you don't weigh the same as two people!!
  3. You'll have to ride the clutch like crazy and it won't go more than 20kph
  4. From memory, the max weight allowed for a CB250 is 140kg so you should be fine on the monster. If you have the inclination, check your owner's manual. That will tell you what the limit is for your bike. :)
  5. 120kg? that's only about 2 1/2 jockeys
  6. no chance :p
  7. Go for a jog? Swimming is easier though.
    Cut meal sizes down.

    It's not that difficult, i went from 125kgs to 85 in 2 months with diet and exercise.
  8. You were 125!? Fvck, I knew you were fat, but that fat? :p
  9. They are bikes for shortarses.

    Get something more suitable for longer legs.
  10. true, they are tiny bikes, tiny ergonomics... you would look rather comical, not unlike a clown on a miniature bike at the circus... maybe that's your thing though, who am i to judge... maybe you can "shifta by feela" in your giant clown shoes.
    good luck with it anyway, hope this helps, cheers.
  11. weight wont be the issue, you may find the 6, 1 frame a little tight on it, but duck down to the dealer and take one for a ride,
    other wise the 1100 monster, or the new 796 monster is out soon .

    What are you riding at moment
  12. The Monsters are gorgeous, but at 6'1" they will be a bit too small for you. I'm 6' and they were cramped for me. KTM, Aprilia and BMW all do quite tall naked bikes which would probably fit you better.
  13. Shame the OP isn't asking for health advice ay? Otherwise they might have actually bothered to take your post seriously. :rolleyes:
  14. If you're really stressed (no pun intended) about the strength of the Monster take into consideration that Honda lists the SWL of it's CT110 (postie) as 130kg.
  15. Its got a pillion seat, that would mean it would take a lot more than 120kg.
  16. a monster's a perfect height for me and i'm 5'6". why a monster? got anything else on your shortlist?
  17. If a posties (ct110) swl is 130kg like j3st3r wrote and the monster being a bigger and powerful bike it will easily lug you around with no issues.

    If that's the bike you have your heart set on go for it.
  18. :worthlesspics:
  19. is it just me, or did anyone else get the feeling this guy was trolling, what with one post and all??

    specially as (or i would think so anyway imho) if he'd ridden as a learner he'd know what bikes could take, and that ain't a learner legal bike.
  20. not bad, yourself