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T-Boned for the first time (got very lucky)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Grumply, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Well given the way the quality of Melbourne's drivers has been going for a while now I suppose this was only a matter of time; though I'd always rather hoped that if it did happen, it would happen to me whilst I was in the car rather than on the bike.

    I was riding home from some errands this morning and was t-boned by a car turning into a side-street. There was a fair bit of traffic on the road, so I can only assume he was trying to hurriedly turn off the main road and simply didn't see me.

    By the time I saw him starting his turn it was already too late to emergency brake, and travelling at 40-odd km/h I was going too quick to be able to turn into the sidestreet to avoid the collision. So I did what I could, I counter-steered as close to the edge of the curb as I dared and tried to accelerate past.

    Whatever gods/fairies/powers there are in the world must have been smiling at me this morning because somehow I accelerated just enough that the car hit me square in the middle of the bike, right on my right-hand footpeg. I felt my foot get pressed between the bike's frame and the car's front bumper… and then I was past.

    As I pulled over I couldn't quite believe it, the car had hit me square on the side but the bike was still upright, and I was still in one piece. I breathed a sigh of relief then hopped off to survey the damage - remarkably I could hardly see any.

    My righthand footpeg was gone, snapped clean off, and my right passenger peg was scraped up along its underside, but other than that all I had to show for the encounter was the car's paintwork liberally spread along the outside half of my shoe.

    The car got out of it pretty well to, the licence plate took the full impact, so although the plate was looking a bit worse for wear, the rest of the car was okay. I got the bloke's details and rode home rather shaken using my righthand pillion peg for right leg.

    I'm still not quite sure what to think about the whole affair, other than how ridiculously lucky I got. Had I hit the brakes, the car would have hit my front tyre and I would have gone done; had I accelerated a little further the car would have hit my rear end and I would have gone down. Instead here I am, with a severed footpeg and a brown shoes somewhat repainted.

    I'm not sure what the lesson is here, but ride safe everyone.





  2. The lesson here is that it could happen to anyone, young people these days have no fear and think they are indestructable, glad u come out of it OK though
  3. holy shit... grumps!!! i'm so glad you're okay!! and the bike! my goodness...

    *huge hugs*

    what an awful thing to happen! you SURE there's no other injuries?
  4. Jesus you where lucky, same thing happened me a few years ago and I ended up with broken bones and all the rest of it. Might be worth buying a lotto ticket
  5. Thanks Goz, I guess that's it - just always try to be as aware as you possibly can.

    Thanks Holly, I'm pretty sure there's nothing else injured (apart from the ears of the people I've told the story to today as I've got all existential on them 8-[ ) - I think I just seriously lucked out today.
  6. WOW talks about close ones!

    I'm very condused how on earth it managed to snap your footpeg off and managed to not hit anything else (like the rear of your bike) and you're sitting here writing about it.

    Unless you got one of them new dematerialisation kits installed on your bike you are one very lucky man and should not buy a lotto ticket because you have used all of your luck up!

    Glad to hear you're still riding and the footpeg is just a weld away from being in action again.

  7. Glad you're ok -could have been much worse than it turned out!

  8. Damn lucky you didnt get injured at all, you must have been a very good boy for someone to be watching over you like that.

    Sam, lets put it down to the footpegs taking the brunt of the impact causing the bike to bounce forward and enabling said rider to get in a better position to drive away. Things like these actually happen, the same as a little tiny tap can also cause a horrendous accident.
  9. wow is all I have to say.
    very lucky you weren't duck footed and had your foot crushed against the peg.
  10. Lucky chap.

    You might want to rethink your riding footwear though.
  11. Matey, glad to hear your OK. Amazing that there was such little damage to yourself and the bike. Clearly very fortunate, go directly to your nearest lottery agent and purchase a ticket now.

    Hope you can get hold of a replacement footpeg soon - saw your post first on the aprilia forum actually and it looks like there are some top blokes able to lend a hand.

    Best of luck.
  12. What did the car driver have to say for him/herself?
  13. Absolutely, this is the second close call for my feet in as many months. I'm going to go hunting for some solid boots that aren't as impractical as my touring boots for general use - I need shoes I can both ride in and work in (if anyone has any recommendations, they'd be much appreciated)

    Cheers mate, the Aprilia lads are a terrific lot, it really does feel great to know that I'm a part of not just one, but two incredibly supportive riding communities.

    Turns out one of the local dealers does have a single peg in stock, so I can pick that up tomorrow and get the bike back in action.

    Not much, asked about the damage to the bike, gave me his details and that was about it. I was so glad to still be upright and in one piece I didn't really press the issue much.
  14. Good work ,

    I had a friend in the same situation on the road , but he copped the full force of the car on his leg , and a year later was an inch shorter on that side and walks with a limp.

    I dare say your swerve out of the way helped a lot, in giving the driver a little extra space to stop.

    I wear a pair of these to work. (and all day.)

    in hind sight the big bang or pro street boots would be better.

  15. I wear the Rossi 811's, they lack a little ankle protection but for something that you can wear all day and not look like a total tool they are pretty good - comfortable all day too.
  16. Outside ankle on the Joe rockets is pretty good.
  17. Doc Marten boots?
  18. Wow that's a wild story but don't sell yourself short. you didn't panic and took evasive action which directly saved your ass, good work!