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SYM Orbit 125cc Scooter - Opinions

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by limewire, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Getting my licence soon.

    Looking to purchase this bike from showandgo.

    I would like opinions on this bike preferably from owners and experts. It is advertised at 2290 +orc. Does anyone know how reliable they are and are they ok for 70-80 zones? Most of the time the speed zones will be 60 and on flat surfaces. Im am at around 95kgs.

    I am looking to keep to my budget of less than 2.5k with Helmet etc...
    If the orbit is reliable enough and is powerful enough for metro riding that is pretty much what I need to know.

  2. reminds me of the Bug Agility in its styling - slim and tall looking.

    sorry mate, dont know anything specific about that scoot. But I cant tell you that a 125 is pretty good for putting around the city. It will handle up to 80km/hr zones without any trouble.

    Go test ride a few different ones. There is also the VS125 which is extremely popular.
  3. Too early to tell, as they are very new to the market. Apparently SYM dealers themselves aren't too sure because they are only offering one year warranty on this model while all other Syms get generous 4 years...
  4. Really? Wow that is terrible if thats true. I would never buy a vehicle with only a 1yr warranty.
  5. Yep, it's true. Have a look at the listing at showandgo.com.au
    I don't quite understand that Bolwell/Select will only give a 12 month warranty for a scooter from a company they give a 48 month warranty from.
    Perhaps the Orbit is made in mainland China and not Taiwan??
  6. nah its got nothing to do with the country/location its made in. Remember that ALL major car and bike manufacturers have facilities in China, so China does not = bad.

    I just had a look on their site, because i still didnt believe you! :) But your right, 1yr. As you say, every other model they sell comes with 4yrs.

    well there you go, i'm still a little amazed. I know a guy who ran a Bolwell store - i'm not sure if he still does, but i'll call into the store and see what he says about it.