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SYM Classic 125 VS Vespa LX 125 -Advice please

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by MrsMM, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    thinkin of upgrading the 50 cc scoot to a 125.
    love the vespa lx125, and the "copy" in a SYM classic. I really like the retro look, so am not interested in anything more "modern"

    I know there is a considerable difference in the base cost - and I think this is because one is a Vespa and all the kudos that comes with the brand name and being "original". If there is another reason, I'd love to know.

    Apart from that, what are the ongoing cost differences?
    Is the vespa more difficult/ expensive to get parts for? would services /maintence be the same?

    Performance wise is there a difference?

    Has anyone noticed any differnce with storage etc?

    looking forward to your advice
    mrs mm
  2. The Vespa is clearly dearer but has the best resale value of any scooter on the market. I have a slight connection with the scooter business, and I have seen owners get two thirds of their purchase price on a Vespa after two years' use; nothing comes close in other makes.

    The SYM is pretty good, but the Vespa is more than marketing and image. It is still the only all-steel scooter built in the original "shell" construction. It also has plenty of storage, and has 5000km service intervals (expect to pay $170-200 for a standard service on either scooter). The SYM is probably 2500km.

    Vespas are reliable, easy to insure, and well made. If the price is manageable, treat yourself to the "original". I've not yet met a Vespa owner that wasn't glad they got one (standard disclaimer: I guess there have been dud Vespas that I didn't hear about).

    Both will top out at maybe 100km/h, be agile in traffic, and return very good fuel consumption, possibly better than your 50, and no more oil to add (but do check the level regularly). You'll get a good scooter either way, but I think the Vespa is the real deal.
  3. Have to agree with bumblebee

    I've had a GT200 and still have an LX150, got the GT200 (05 model) as a demonstrater, regular services were a bit over $200 but nothing went wrong with it in over 13000k's bought for $7500 sold for $5000 this year. Larger storage box that is available with the padded backrest stores a whole heap of stuff, enough for a bag helmet and wet gear. Also all colour matched and vespa's make the best looking scooters on the market. I'm sorry but I can't be convinced that anything looks as good in either the scooter or bike world, it is just a classic.

    The LX (06 model) top box is a bit smaller but still storage is great. Starts first time every time and the most I do is the regular service and pump up the tyres when i remember. Fuel economy is great even though I still don't think its at its peak as its only done just over 3000k's, but $9 lasts a fortnight for a 12k round trip daily. I'm sure there is a maths wiz that can work it out.

    There are plenty out there on the SYM I'm sure that would attest for its reliability etc but IMHO if your budget stretches to the LX take it.
  4. Sym make good quality scooters (my other half has one), but the Sym Classic 125 is a knock off; buy the original and get a Vespa

    Or if you've got a budget that suits Sym better then get the Sym VS125 instead (it's got more power, better lights and handles better than the Classic).
  5. There are some technical advantages on the vespa and this is a good part of what you pay for
    the frame is acually a stamped steel monococ chassis and has very little flex comparded to the mild steel perimeter frame sof the sym and nearly all other scooters. This is one of the reasons a Vespa lasts forever. the other big advantage is the multilink front suspesion which tends to dive a bit less under brakes.
  6. I found that a member asked same question in this forum 4 month ago.
    Pls use search box to find this questions.
    I found this link: Vespa LX 125
    I hope that it's useful.
  7. Keep away from Sym.....they are crap ! I should know, I own one of the poxy things. Buy Japanese (or European of course). Even with 10-20 thousand kms on the clock, they'll always be better than a Sym ON EVERY FRONT !