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Syga Race boots, any good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. My trusty [strike]Rjays[/strike] Dririder Tourer boots are getting a bit thin in the sole, so it's time for an upgrade!

    Anyone used these boots? Good, bad, in between?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. yup. know a few people who used them for a fair while and even crashed in them. held up pretty well and the quality seems good
  3. looking at`there website, the look very similar to the sidi vertio boots
  4. have a pair i brought from ebay which are about $100 cheaper than their website.

    Good boots and pretty comfy.

    Mine where tight to start with, but once worn in are fine.

    I was going to put up a review of them.

    I'd buy another pair.
  5. Good stuff, thanks guys!

    What are the toe sliders & plastics like? I've some cheaper boots where these parts are seriously ill fitting...
  6. plastics are ok. If ya want to wait for a couple of days, i'll post some close up photos.

    Spare toe sliders came in the box to.
  7. That would be much appreciated, thanks!
    There's some shots on the website, but they're pretty generic.
    There's nothing like holding an item in your own hand to judge it's quality, which I can't, because as far as I can see they not available in shops...
  8. why don't do try the peter stevens clearance centre and see what you can get for that money there? they have good bargains from time to time
  9. The Syga's are on sale at the moment (or where, still waiting for the guy to get back to me) for $200, so that's a good deal. That's mainly why I was interested in these.

    Good idea though, might pop down & see what's on offer
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  11. Thanks for the pics spooninator, they actually look really good, better than I was expecting for the price.

    Bad news is, they're all out of my size :(
  12. i think they sell those at the black spur roadhouse
  13. did you not see the BSRT on them (y)
  14. Ah, I feel like a fool now. I was wondering what BSRT stood for ](*,)