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Sydneysiders, aware you lost one of your rights today?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by loki, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. new police powers for month of July, World Youth Day

    screw you Scipione,
    and screw you Iemma.

    of course, these powers are supposed to be tempory
    (Tempory like the powers given to police during APEC, which they then deemed fit to keep after the event)

    I'd like to wish good luck to the NSW Police in this event.
    I hope this time they can beat their previous high score of the amount of officers it takes to violently arrest a father and tackle him to the ground in front of his kids for jaywalking. because, you know, accountants need two pairs of handcuffs

    i'm fcuking disgusted with this state.
  2. It's a fcuking outrage! The right to annoy people is a basic freedom, fundamental to our way of life! Fight this or it will spead to other states! :soapbox:

    What happens if the catholic kids start to annoy each other? They can't all be good signers, hymns could be a real issue there. :?
  3. It's even more sinister than that report states. If people who do not believe in the Catholic church attempt to hand out Christian literature pointing out a different theological position, they too can and will be arrested.

    Obviously this relevant part of the Australian Constitution that speaks about the State not sponsoring any particular religion do not apply in NSW.

    116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

    Despite clause 109. When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid. you can be sure that the Commonwealth Government will do nothing to pull NSW into line.
  4. #4 Seany, Jul 2, 2008
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    I can't see how that has any relevance. The new laws make no assertions that everyone should be catholic. Nor do they say anyone should stop practicing their own beliefs. Just because you can't hand out literature in an attempt to convert others to your own beliefs, does not mean you can't practice those beliefs.

    That's the beauty of a secular society. Everyone is entitled to practice religious beliefs but nobody else has to listen to them. I'd say it's an ideal piece of legislation.

    The real issue with these laws is that it prevents one group from being annoyed. Where are the laws to prevent people annoying jews, muslims or pastafarians? Where are the laws preventing car drivers from annoying motorcyclists?

    Any time you have 2 or more groups with different beliefs, someone is going to be annoyed by the other's activities. In a perfect world we accept being annoyed occaisionly for the freedom to live as we see is right, fair and just. Annoying someone is unavoidable. Forcing them to not practice their beliefs is a totally different story. The laws in question make it an offense to annoy someone even though they might only be practicing their own beliefs. That is is the problem with these laws.

    Edit: A vid that has some relevance.
  5. Are their any lawyers who'd like to comment on the following thought.

    I'm a baptised and confirmed catholic. I'm also thinking of asserting my rights of self expession in an apparently free and democratic, secular society. What are my chances of defending myself from charges of annoying myself?

    Edit: Any legal suggestions should bear in mind that a number of catholic priests and a bishop are willing to testify my status within the catholic church and I do have the time and means to get to Sydney for the purpose of shit stirring.
  6. true Aussie spirit :grin:
  7. I'd like to see the wording of this legislation. who's it apply to? what are the qualifiers?

    Surly the god botherers are going to cause 100 times the amount of annoyance to people living in the Eastern and inner southern suburbs, than any 1 person is going to cause to them.

    Maybe Iemma's after 30,000 fines. :LOL:

    Or maybe they are out to catch the chaser boys.

    Unless there is some exceptionally clever wording in the legislation, I suspect it would never hold up in a court of law.
  8. Hmm so firstly they ban people from public areas paid for by the public so that foreign world leaders wouldn't be bothered (if security was an issue why not use a military base or rent out an island resort).

    Then they impose bans to protect a glorified zippo lighter advertising a sporting event in a foreign country.

    And now this.

    Maybe Orwell was right, perhaps some people really are more equal than others - the NSW Government certainly seems to think so.
  9. The scary thing about this law is that it does NOT depend on someone
    committing a criminal act;

    it depends on someone having a particular opinion about the
    presence and actions of another.

    So if I am ugly or displeasing to the eye,

    and a WYD pilgrim thinks that means I'm accursed or otherwise annoying,

    I can be arrested for just walking down the street to the cafe!

    Or if I wear a t-shirt with a skull on it and a WYDP thinks that means I'm
    expressing 'Satanism' I can get fined $5,000!
  10. Yep, striking similarity to laws of the past where "nobility" were allowed to have those of the peasant class arrested if they were deemed "offensive".

    Just a shame GST makes cakes so expensive.......
    (That's a reference to the French Revolution in case anyone's confused)
  11. Can we have a law for the non-religious for the rest of the year so I can finally get them to stop causing annoyance to me??

    Sean, surely you must realise how ridiculous these laws are, given there are already laws in place to deal with events like this.
  12. For shame!!! [-(
  13. NSW is truly becoming a police state.

    Edit: Has anybody seen the shirt - "The Pope Touched me Down Under"
  14. That shirt will be a best-seller.
  15. I'm looking for one at the moment but can't track it down...
  16. Lets give this a go...
    IF (big if) I'm reading this correctly, you would have to be:
    (a) doing something annoying;
    (b) be requested to stop by the plod.

    Ergo, you could be doing something that annoyed yourself, and at the same time annoyed another, were subsequently asked to cease (an didn't), and then be charged successfully!

    So yes technically you could be charged with annoying yourself.

    I'm waiting for a few challenges to this one.....

    But, I'll bet the charges never proceed. They just want a method of controlling people!
  17. Was a real biatch to find... Not quite hidden but for those *Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy* fans out there, it was practically hidden in a toilet cubical in the basement behind a sign saying beware of the tiger


    Go to page 105-106. The offence is actually in the refusal to comply with the direction to stop, not actually in the behaviour itself. That's the catch. Don't be too quick to blame the cops, you can bet your a$$ they want nothing to do with it. The Cops weren't consulted, the NSW Bar association wasn't consulted, the Attorney's Generals Dept weren't consulted prior to this interesting piece of legislation. This Iemma all the way. Remember, Iemma is from a good Italian Catholic family. (BTW: I believe Scipione is Hillsong FWIW)
  18. and the good guys won. the end.
    court over-ruled this silly notion today.

    in other news, anyone pick up one of those yellow arm-bands in the sunday papers?
    they really spice things up in the bedroom. nothing says NAUGHTY like a little bit of ol' fashioned Catholic guilt!
    i should wash mine. i'm singlehandedly soiling the Catholic religion. and WYD now smells like pussy
  19. This to me is a crock of shit the amount of money spent by the government both state and federal would go a long way to feeding homeless,health care,pensioner relief payments ,education and a whole lot of other stuff.Until the church pays up to all the raped and abused children there credability is SHIT.I for one if you cant already tell am not happy about my taxes helping to pay for some party and an old man in a funny car to celebrate a religion that has failed the truth test :shock:
  20. They could spend the money in compo for the victims of predatory priests, keeping in mind that the micks are not the only ones at it.