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Sydney west riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scrambles, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Hello all!
    I'm not sure if this is a valid topic for this thread, but I'm sure the moderators will 'send some guys 'round' to set me straight....
    Just putting out the call to any/all riders in the far western Sydney/Blue Mountains area for meet-ups and some cruises around the Mountains and Penrith/Windsor area.
    I'm a newbie but slowely getting the hang of it and would love some face to face time with other new or experienced riders (Plus if the weathers sh1t we can cager-pool to the coffee nights!!) Post or PM me if your interested.
    RIDE ON :grin:

  2. Hi Scrambles

    Mid week get togethers are pretty well attended, and many live out your way.

    No issue with you posting up the query as it is in line with what Netrider likes {although some would say it should be in the NSW Events Forums - except the Mods :wink:}, but come along to the next one and am sure you'll find a few there to ride with.

    I've been busy the last couple but looks like I'm in for next Tuesday or is it Wednesday or the week after......

    Also check out the NSW events Forums as they post up their rides there.
  3. Great! I assume you mean get togethers at Homebush right?
    A mate and I are doing some organisation of tours to the mountains (How funny is a VTR250 riding alongside a Beemer Dakkar going to look?) and would be more than happy for some keen people to join us. I'll post more details when they arise but in the meantime my first post is still open for westies....

  4. dude, you need to reword your question.

    It should be a Bimmer Dakar along side 50million VTR250s ! :LOL:

    There is big population of VTR250s around here ! :grin:
  5. There is big population of VTR250s around here ! :grin:-(/quote]

    Bloody oath I didn't see any until I bought my bike and now I see at least 2 a day.
  6. yeah, tell ours is not matt-black ! . . . because i'm the only one at the moment. :grin:

    The others around here are usually red, yellow or gloss black.
  7. No not matt, gloss black. I havn't actually seen one in matt but I'm sure to one day....on second thought we should have a massive VTR ride. Now THAT would be impressive.
  8. Nice bike, but that goes without saying.

    Jesse 'The Governing Body' Ventura's name in Predator is actually Blaine. You have to get your Arnie-related facts right! :p
  9. Hey, y'know your right....I'm changing my sig as we speak...thanks.

  10. Mine is also black with a bit of rust.
  11. Mine was in near perfect condition when I bought it (Still is too!!) with the exception of some small rust patches right on the metal end of the right grip. Weird.
  12. I you are planning a ride. Better to post the details on the event calendar under NSW. You will find that more netriders will join.

    Join us on Tuesday nite at the Olympic Park so we can meet each other in person.
  13. Funny that, I thought it was RED !
    Looks like we have someone who is full of shit on the forums !!!

    Oh, I think i've just hi-jacked this thread again and made someone get their girly-knickers in a knot !
  14. Scrambles, hubby and I will be up for mid week rides or maybe weekend rides we are near eastern creek. Or let me know if there is a ride going on.
  15. Very good. I might organise to come and see you: I'd love to check out the GSF first hand as I'm thinking of getting one.
    Check out the camp quality ride thread...looks like the go.
  16. Sydney? west? midweek? sounds like fun. as ive said before weekend rides are out for me so yeah. plus i could do with a fair bit more practice. pm me if you have something solid whether its just a meet-up or a ride, as i dont know when next i will flick thru the forum to try n find this again
  17. Nice Hellsing avatar...
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