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NSW Sydney, West - North West, looking for work

Discussion in 'Employment' started by mav, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    I am looking for full-time employment in Western Sydney or North Western Sydney.

    I have 5 years combined experienced in Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable / Internal Audit in the hospitality industry for two of the biggest hotel accommodation companies in Australia.

    4 years with Intercontinental Hotels Group, IHG
    1.5 years with Mirvac Projects Pty Ltd

    Looking to get out of the hospitality industry and into a stable role where I can focus on specialising and further developing my knowledge and skills.

    Willing to consider temping to gain experience in a new industry.

    If anyone is interested or hears anything please don't hesitate to PM me or just add to thread.
  2. Get into council mate, can't beat a government job
  3. What Goz said - I'll check the job board at my work tomorrow: large government department...
  4. Same, same.
  5. thanks for the suggestion fellas

    i'll take a look at www.jobs.nsw.gov.au later today

    Edit: oh well nothing on there.

    back to the search.
  6. update: the hunt continues.

    keen interest is still there as this will be a career move. fingers crossed.
  7. good luck with it mav, you deserve something good :)
  8. Qualification?

    If you have an accounting qualification just start getting your resume to all the businesses in the NW business part, North Ryde and Wetherill Park. Get the name of the HR and accounts manager before you do.

    You'd be surprised how often a position will be created just because a decent resume shows up.
  9. Cert III in Accounting. Upgrading it next year.

    Yeah i hear you. I'll give that a go. NW business park is an ideal area, but it is so saturated with "Job Agency's" that won't many businesses just discard a random resume sent in the mail?

    Edit: Thanks Holly!
  10. no worries dude!

    and no, they won't discard resumes sent in the mail if they believe it's actually from you, and they see what you've got.

    a lot of workplaces hate job agencies!
  11. If you address it to the HR manager or even give them a call and ask if you can e-mail, there's pretty good odds they'll at least consider you. Social convention means few people will say no.

    to some extent this forms part of my job and if we post an ad then we get 200 crap resumes all with less experience than you've described above. (unfortunately for you I'm not in accounting)

    Also consider many businesses can't justify going out of their way to put someone on, but if they get on OK resume and have half a mind to create a position, seeing your resume may be enough to motivate them the rest of the way.

    I'd guess 75% of jobs get posted without an ad being placed anywhere.

    Believe me employment agencies count on this. Find a company you want to work for an be pro-active.
  12. ok thanks for the advice

    I'll print a directory list out this afternoon and get on it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.