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Sydney Weather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Monday: Fine. Mostly sunny, although some high cloud . Light to moderate west to southwest winds.

    Tuesday: Fine. Sunny.

    Wednesday: Fine. Sunny.

    Thursday: Fine. Windy.

    Friday: Fine.


    YES!! :D

    Wait wait.. full time work :cry: Such a waste.. Those who can, get out there and enjoy it before it pours again.
    Monday: Mostly cloudy with a few showers. Moderate to fresh west to southwesterly winds.
    Tuesday: Showers Max 16.
    Wednesday: Fine. Strengthening wind.
    Thursday: Few showers. Windy.

    :roll: :roll:
  3. Tuesday: Fine
    Wednesday: Fine
    Thursday: Fine
    Friday: Fine
    Saturday: Fine
    Sunday: Fine

  4. Wollongong's weather was better on the weekend.

    Saturday: Fine, with a car-free run up Macquarie Pass while chasing after Hornet900. :grin:
    Sunday: Fine, with slight scuffing to one of Stratocat's pegfeelers while carrying a well-trained pillion. :grin:
  5. Fukerz :cry: !

    The weekend down here was terbbile!!! Cold and rainy!

    Ahh well... Enjoy your weather you lucky ba***ds! :p
  6. :eek:

    Ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride ride....

    Oh please let there be a ride on this weekend! please please please please.. anyone??? [-o<
  7. Well, why don't you organise one? Anyone can add a ride to the calendar, I think. Call it 'Follow The Pig' Tour :)
    I bet you'd have a pretty good response...
  8. Yeah I'm going for a ride.. to Canberra, for a partayyy :cool:
  9. I sometimes i think i control the weather in Sydney.
    Each time my bike is in for repairs/service/whatever the weather turns fine.

    Thursday night i broke a visor base plate on my helmet, slaped the visor down a bit too hard. Friday dry. ](*,)
  10. I can't :( Someone told me that the organiser is the ride leader and I ride a CBR125. And unless say... an R1 is happy to sit behind me doing 80 km/h ... it ain't going to happen :cry:

    Phizog :p to you!
  11. About bloody time! been seeing the arse end of a cloud for the last month or so, was forgeting what the sun looked like.
  12. i got in a good blast on sunday up the putty but work has a habit of of ruining the fun of a weekday ride.cough,i can feel a sicky coming on,cough!

    peaches,im up for a ride this weekend if its fine :wink:
  13. Oh goody goody!!! Where and where are you going? Can I follow you? Is it through twisties?
  14. Excuses, excuses! Just make it a beginners ride - call it "Follow The Pig At 80km/hr Tour" :)
  15. Peaches as the organiser you can delegate the ride leader job :p plus any other job that may come up.

    I'll prob go for a putty run too this weekend, I'm having withdrawals :oops:
  16. Hey heeeeeeeeey I just PMed Interloper to see if he was up for a Putty Run this weekend too!!! Sat would suit me better, what about you, stubby_holder?

    Ps – I’m very slow and hopeless with directions. So if there is a run this weekend I pray the riders will be kind and wait for me to catch up :(
  17. Pretty hard to get lost on a putty run once yuo've done it before, its just old pac -> old peats -> wollombi sign --> keep going --> keep going --> keep going --> windsor


    If I don't end up going to canberra I'd be up for putty probably.
  18. OK just confirmed it with Interloper. By “popular†demand I’ll post up a “Follow the Oink†tour of the Putty, although I’m officially defecting my leadership position to Interloper :p

    I’ll post up something in the Ride Planner section. Oink on, comrades!

  19. Peaches I will keep you company at the back I'm sure I will only be a few minutes in front of you anyway :grin:
  20. AWeeeeeeeeeesome. I'm pretty sure I'll get lost but I'll try my best to keep up with you! details in the ride/planner section - see you on Sat!