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Sydney- Wattamolla Beach

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by TeeKey, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm planning to do a mid-week ride to Wattamolla Beach from Rockdale in a few weeks. I know it's not exactly the longest or most impressive ride but it will be my first longer ride and more serious take on twisties (been riding for just over one month).

    I just wanted to ask whether any of you know the "difficulty level" of that area and whether it's appropriate for a new rider?

  2. I don't know the road so can't help with that. I would say, however, that "difficulty level" is largely governed by how fast you want to ride on any road. Start out slow, concentrate on your lines and road craft and slowly build up. To me the only things that really make one road more difficult than another is poor surface condition and or steep and tight bends.
    I'm sure there will be others who can help with more specific info on the route in question. Have a go and have fun.
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  3. Thanks @Mcsenna@Mcsenna

    All I really want from the road to is to be able to practice within-speed-limit cornering and my road craft with low to medium traffic. I checked the Google maps and Street view and the surface looks alright.

    BTW. If anyone is interested in joining me please feel free to PM me. I don't have the exact date yet as work's been hectic lately but it's going to be Wednesday for sure.
  4. Piece of piss. Go to Garie instead, wattamolla is gay. Go in via the waterfall entrance, is better ride.
  5. Yeah that looks interesting. Might extend it to Wollongong via Great Ocean Road. Would be pretty decent riding day. At least for a starter.
    Cheers @Ljiljan@Ljiljan
  6. Via the Great Ocean Road is a bit of a ride. Maybe via the Sea Cliff Bridge, Lawrence Hargrave Drive will do.
  7. Lol yeah that's what I was thinking about. Lawrence Hargrave Drive . Don't know where the GOR came from..Think I need a coffee:hilarious:
  8. Don't bother going to any of the beach turn offs, as you will be missing the best part. All the good bits are after Garie if coming from Audley end.

    Follow the recommended speed signs and you cannot go wrong. I just got back from a run through there this morning, the surface is in really good condition.
  9. I've not been to wattamolla. What do you mean by gay?
  10. and leave enough space for cars and bikes on wrong side of the road :).. there will always be some through there...
  11. Hence go to garie from the waterfall entrance...
    As gay as two men rooting.
  12. ... and be ready for the 2-3 bends that should have recommended speed signs but don't.
  13. The trap was set dammit.
  14. Sorry, I still don't get it. Have I missed something?
  15. Thanks guys.

    Will probably go to Wollongong through the Royal National Park. Once I figure out when, I will give you a shout and If anyone is free and willing we could have a group ride.
  16. If you've missed "as gay as two men rooting", well, I have too. And WOW am I glad about that!:X3: