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(Sydney) Watch out for the psychopath in a black Maserati

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by thecptn v1.1, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just a heads up every one, I was out riding today in south west of Sydney when I noticed a Black Maserati behind me, similar to the picture above, as I was turning right at a light, I noticed him speed up very quickly behind me and back off, this concerned me, and kept an eye out on him.

    About 5 seconds later, I suddenly hear the sound of his engine increase in RPM, I look in my right side mirror to suddenly see this dingle berry starting to overtake me in my lane, I guesstimate that he was at least a foot away from me on my right hand side.

    Fortunately I took decisive action, whilst he was over taking me, I moved farther into the left side of the lane and slowed down in preparation and kept maximum distance, now at first I thought this guy was being a typical turd, I started to think, what the hell is he doing?? ill have a vocal word at the lights with him, this is when it started going bad, to worse.

    He began to start to violently hit the brakes, at first I thought he couldn't drive, but it started to become apparent he was attempting to match my speed and get me to rear end him, how ever, I was 10 steps ahead, so no matter what he did, I was well behind him, it quickly dawned on me that this guy was trying to hurt me, I decided that this could quickly get out of hand, he may have a weapon for all I knew.

    So I quickly pulled off the side of the road and did a safe double back, he was still driving slow, I rode for several minutes to another suburb, pulled over, and spent a good twenty minutes trying to get the adrenalin out of me.

    Moral of the story is, A) If you see a Maserati in Sydney (sorry I couldn't get a license plate number) stay well clear of it, 8) some people do not value human life, stay clear of them, do not get into altercations with them C) invest in at least two helmet cam's one for the helmet, and one for the rear of bike, clear video evidence is hard to dismiss, which I am soon to do.

    Non the less, please ride safely, and keep an eye out.
  2. Someone trying to do an insurance scam perhaps. In financial trouble, an expensive car on finance a rear end requiring it to be sent back to Italy for repair. Bingo he is out of a contract.

    There will not be many of these around so keep an eye out and try and catch his number plate everyone. Pity such a lovely machine to belong to a d***head.
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    Exactly what i was thinking. But to do this with a rider you can kill is just ****ed.

  4. foreign diplomat or member of entourage, security maybe.
    police can't touch them
  5. ^^^ what's this?

    New bike in avatar but no new bike thread?
    Are congrats in order?

    BOT - that's pretty frightening. Agree that it sounds like an insurance scam in the making
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    Thanks mate. See the RIP scooter thread. There was already a scooter dying thread and a scooter dead, which bike thread. Didn't think the topic needed a third.

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  7. Being the nod-whore that you are, I expected two "new ride" threads.
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    Nods don't concern me anymore. As a scooter rider I just liked tricking motorcyclists in to giving me nods. Not worried about that now. Anyway this aint the place for a nod/new bike hi jack. Everyone back to the RIP thread for some nod action.

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  9. Every thread is ripe for jacking, and you started it.
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  10. You manage to get the rego?

    There's a black Maserati that occasionally parks outside my work (Kings Cross). I've seen the owner, Fabio looking dude. Could be the type to do something like this.

    Post the rego if you got them, next time the Maserati parks up front i'll check its plates.
  12. I'm glad you are OK and survived your near death experience, but really as a motorcyclist you should be looking for the psychopath in a car, any car, doesn't matter the make or model.
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  13. Report it to the cops!

    There cant be many of those in Australia, id guess the right cop shop would have a fair idea who owns it.

    Also, assuming you didnt do something to him to start this, and hes trying for an insurance scam, you could save the next innocent driver/rider he tries this on when in a couple days the cops hear about a black maserati being rear ended.

    If its a scam id say he tried it on a bike cause itll do enough damage for cash but not as likely to kill him as, say, a b double (which would have no hope of stopping in time)
  14. I agree, there can't be that many black Maseratis in Sydney; go to the Police with the story, document it fully and give them the chance to deal with this dope; my bet would be that they probably already know him!
  15. My boss has one. I didn't think they were that rare, I've seen a few down in melbs and yes, they seem to be consistently driven by wankers. Do you think the cops would do something about it without the reg though?
  16. According to the 2011 Auto Sales Figures survey, there was only 10 Maseratis of all models sold in Australia in that year. I'd say the police could trace every single one of them with one mouse click.....
  17. Yeah but would they? I imagine they'd be pretty apathetic. Unless it was a celeb...
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  18. That's a fair call, but as I suggested, I'd be betting they know most of the luxo-cars and their drivers..
  19. What sort of car was it that Mr Ibrahim drives?
  20. Due to NSW government cut backs mouse clicks are limited for the financial year 2012/2013. I'd be surprised if any copper would want to use one up on something like this.
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