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Sydney v Melbourne battle

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. let the wars begin

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  2. [​IMG]

    Sunshine hours.
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  3. For goodness sake, smileedude, don't go showing folk stuff like that. ;)

    Melbourne is a MUCH nicer place to live.

    I'm really amazed at all the strange folk who actually choose to live in the hell-hole we know as Sydney.

    Hell, even Adelaide and Brisbane are better places to live.
  4. Wearing leathers in Melbourne

    Wearing leathers in Sydney

    Melbourne wins
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  5. I chose Candelo 'cause it's almost equidistant from both of them.
  6. Crap weather on Christmas day in Sydney. Perfect weather in Melbourne, we sat outside playing backyard cricket! No other place to be.....
  7. In Melbourne you can get a decent latte.
  8. Didn't Barry Humphreys describe Melbourne as 'The world's only neon-lit graveyard'?
  9. Yeah, but you'll get booked for speeding on the way there....
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  10. Melbourne has been voted as having the world’s best coffee

    Travel website booking.com surveyed more than 1000 of its users from around the world and found Melbourne was well and truly on top when it comes to coffee.
    Barista at Brother Baba Budan Jos Turner said Melbourne baristas take pride in their coffee and it is appreciated by diners and tourists.
    “The tourists love Melbourne because our coffee and cafe culture is a part of our lives and is a very unique thing to Melbourne,” Mr Turner said.
    “There are many great specialty roasters in Melbourne that consistently strive for excellence and keep pushing us all to be the best we can be and there’s a great sense of community here that can’t be found in many other places around the world.”
    In the survey, 301 booking.com guests endorsed Melbourne for coffee, followed by 187 endorsements for Vienna, 116 for Rome and 86 for Lviv in the Ukraine.
    Sydney was 16th on the list with only 20 endorsements for coffee.
  11. Ha! All that means is that Melbourne is 15 times less interesting than Sydney.

    We send all the anal coffee survey type tourists to Melbourne where they feel most at home. Too funny!
  12. Sydney definitely does anal things better too
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  13. They call it "male bonding" up there...
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  14. Melbourne is great, as long as don't have the gift of sight, and aren't fussy about weather
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  15. I like my coffee sure, but the quality of coffee snobs in Melbourne makes weekday inner city cafes a venue for top shelf champaign comedy.
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  16. Melbourne is, indeed, so much nicer than Sydney.

    Regardless of the coffee, it's just such a great place to live.

    They have even quietened down those incredibly noisy F1 cars!

    So, all you tourists and new immigrants..... you really should head for Melbourne.
  17. Says a person who lives in Sydney... Why do I smell the aroma of bullshit? :p
  18. That would be because CrazyCam is Scottish and as I'm sure you know the Scottish are known for their light hearted outlook and happy go lucky demeanor.

    I reckon he chose Sydney over Melbourne as he'd had enough of grey skies already. ;-)
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  19. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Sydney made the top 10 for most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne didn't make the top 100. The world has spoken and Sydney beats Melbourne yet again.
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