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Sydney Tyre Fitters?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Yogibear, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Anyone know where I can get a set of Tyres fitted that I got from the US? Funnily enough I went down to Procycles (where I bought my bike, got it serviced at all intervals, buy all my accessories from) asked them if they could throw them on (took wheels off bike so RIM only) and they said, sorry we wont fit them because you didn't buy them here! WTF is with that! Great customer service from those guys - makes me really keen for my next service :) I know where I wont be going from now on. Cant believe that a retailer throws business away like that.....especially from someone who has been a loyal customer since I bought the bike from em!

    Anyway, looking for someone around the Hornsby district that would do this work? I dont know much about tyres but if the wheel is off the bike does it mean that a car place like Bob Jane can do the fitting?
    I will give the guys over in castle hill a call tomorrow as there seems to be good things about them on this forum. Maybe they will be my bike servicer from now on. :)

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. Motorcycle weaponry quoted toadcat 40$ per rim to fit tires if i remember correctly. They are in mona vale so not that bad from hornsby just go down mona vale road. The guys there are top notch.
  3. Talk to Alon at Love Motorcycles in Hornsby...
  4. Buy yourself a couple of 240-250mm tyre levers. 20 bucks max. Google bead breaking. Then change them yourself. If you're gunna go to the trouble of removing the wheels from your bike, you've already done the hard work yourself. How fast do you ride? Personally, I don't go over 200 all that much, so by balancing the rims only, I don't worry about balancing after fitting tyres. Works for me.