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Sydney traffic petition

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by Vboom, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    I am new here and I am not sure if this is the place it should go (admin feel free to tell me if I am wrong)
    A riding mate of mine I met at my Red P's course has set up a petition on change.org for incentives to carpooling and reducing traffic on Sydney roads.

    I hope I am not offending anyone by asking for help
    Here is the link : http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitio...il&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

    Thank you all for your time

  2. The simplest incentive to car pooling is higher tolls as tolls are levied on a per car basis. The State government has ruled out congestion taxes -- they argue that as there is no alternative for some users they will not change their behavior.

    New roads are very much on the agenda anyway so it is not an issue that is being ignored, I'm not sure there is a need for a petition. Anyway, parked cars are way easier to filter past ;)
  3. No offense mate, but you don't actually say anything. The government recognises car pooling would help and have tried to encourage it in the past. This is why we have some transit lanes. So petitioning them to consider car pooling is kind of pointless.

    For a petition to be meaningful you need to be a bit more specific.
  4. To be honest I don't have huge faith in it either.
    I was mainly passing it on as a courtesy to him, I will pass on what you said though.

    Thanks for the tip
  5. Ahh, missed that it wasn't yours.

    If they seriously wanted to encourage car pooling they'd double the price of petrol, but imagine the stink that would cause.
  6. Just double the tolls, fuel gets used in the country too.

    Getting trucks away from Botany is the big issue and it looks like it's been solved with Parramatta Rd duplication. I'd prefer a port on the Hawkesbury with a dedicated road up to the F3. I'd also extend the eastern suburb line from Bondi to Manly with a big commercial and residential development on North Head -- there is a reason I'm not premier ;) Maybe when all the boomers die and the Hipsters take over we can get rid of the sprawl.
  7. No sweat mate
    As much as I love the idea of doubling petrol prices the fallout would be huge but the traffic benefits would certainly be apparent.
    Might even encourage some of us (myself easily included) to get off our ass and walk to the store down the street vs hopping in the car.
    But as boy names Sue said, people in the country use fuel too so its a dream we would never see happen.:nopity:
    Increase in tolls is definitely how I would go forth, not sure on how good the cameras are at picking up passengers but as well as time of day tolling in peak hours maybe passenger per car tolling?
  8. Being a Manly resident this would be amazing also however unfeasible it would probably be. I would certainly go the train that pops me out right into Martin Place over the ferry that lands me down the bottom of the city in Circular Quay
  9. The best way to change behavior without upsetting anyone is to lower the prices. In this case I call for the lowering of toll charges for motorbikes and scooters, driver education that takes into account riders, allow filtering, free and more motorbike parking, dedicated motorbike and scooter lanes, the lowering of rego costs for motorbikes and scooters, and the lowering of CTP and insurance costs for motorbikes and scooters..................this should at least attract some people to change their modes of transport to one that causes less congestion.
  10. Another excellent idea. I have the ability to start later in the day toward 9.30/10ish but I don't because by then I would have to park my bike down the far end of Bangaroo so I come in with the peak traffic to get a reasonable park. Tolls are not my biggest concern but certainly motorbikes/scooters shouldn't being paying the same as a Land Rover but this is an argument that has raged for years from what I can tell. Certainly the other shock is rego costs being the same if not higher than cars, somebody really ballsed up their logic on that one.
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  13. Get the govt to build the container terminal in Newcastle that they promised when BHP closed down and freed up a couple of kms of waterfront and hectares of land with rail access and close road access to Pacific and New England Highways.
    Over 10 yrs later the land is still vacant with no plans.
    Newcastle has one of the best deep water ports in the world and handles coal ships of 100,000t plus every day.
    Politics sent the extra container work to Botany instead of to Newcastle. Not everything coming into Botany in containers is destined for Sydney area but it has to get through Sydney roads to get to it's destination.
    If the container terminal was set up in Newcastle goods to and from the northern half of the state could have loaded through here and saved a fortune in travel times.
    Building more and more roads in Sydney is not helping anything except the salaries and retirement benefits of the road contractors and their political supporters.
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  14. I agree - bikes should be free for all toll roads. I'm not just saying that cos I ride a bike, it is just such a mind-numbingly obvious thing to do that it it beggars belief the road owners get away with it.

    The UK gets it (if fact, the UK gets lots of things bike related) - I just wonder how long it will take the dickheads that run Australia to get it.
  15. Source? Maybe if you are a moron rider and crash all the time.

    Green slip is like $500 for a car for me that is well over $700 in total, my zx6 just got registered and green slipped for a little over $400.

    Really what hope do we have in encouraging cagers to drop the cage when bikers are spreading bs that bikes cost more.
  16. My green slip alone is $400 and I have never had an accident in my life. It doesn't help that I am a 21 year old male and only seen as a hooligan. My car has been cheaper for the past 2 years I have had my bike despite being worth 5 times more new
  17. So $514 for the bike all together. $400 and $114.

    How much is your car green slip? it must be under $250. i cant see how that is possible when i am 36 and it costs me $500. And thats only if you have the lightest car. If you had a heavier car your rego would be dearer.

    Wtf does the sale price of the vehicle got to do with the cost of rego and ctp its not insurance on the vehicle. The cost of the vehicle isnt used in determining the price of the rego or the green slip.

    Saying that cars are cheaper is just wrong, i guess it may be possible in some extreme examples but for the majority of people the bike is a lot cheaper.

    Also pink slip is dearer on the car always.

    Again spreading rumours based on atypical examples hurts motorcyling.
  18. Mate I don't want to argue with you.

    That's great you seem to be getting a better deal than I am though.

    I thought I may have got my facts wrong so just referred to my Renewal receipts and my bike is exactly $282 and my car is $274.

    I accept what you put up and I think my issue is with the RTA, curious why I am getting charged double what are supposedly typical prices.

    This is in reference to only rego which my original post was about.
  19. I cant figure out why cars can basically have a free for all CTP while bike prices vary so much.................

    Also, bikes should be much much cheaper in in rego costs since their use and damage of road infrastructure is so minimal....................

    ANY CAPACITY CAR CTP 12 months

    AAMI $737.00
    CIC-Allianz $731.00
    GIO $733.00
    NRMA $634.21
    QBE $558.00
    Zurich $734.00

    600CC MOTORBIKE CTP 12 months
    AAMI $394.17
    Allianz $394.00
    CIC-Allianz $390.00
    GIO $392.03
    NRMA $396.05
    QBE $313.00
    Zurich $392.00

    1200CC MOTORBIKE CTP 12 months
    AAMI $925.91
    Allianz $925.00
    CIC-Allianz $918.00
    GIO $920.89
    NRMA $930.34
    QBE $938.00
    Zurich $922.00
  20. Rego is $114 for bikes and $274 and up for cars. The prices are on the website.

    Green slip is not the same for all cars, newer cars are cheaper. Business use is also dearer.

    Green slip for bikes are different because most of the cost is for injuring your pillion. Larger capacity bikes simply have a greater number of pillions being carried. It's actually subsidised by the smaller capacity, the larger capacity should be dearer but it would be prohibitive.

    To get back to the original argument maybe they should drop the rego fee of $114 to $0 however, really how many people don't ride because of $2 a week. Encouraging motorcycling in other ways such as providing parking and legalised lane splitting would be more effective.