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Sydney traffic. Omfg.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. We Victorians whinge and whine about how hard done by we are but I'm currently I'm Sydney on a school trip.
    I've come to the realization you lot are way worse off when it comes to traffic congestion. How do you lot cope? Seriously it would be a nightmare even on a bike, lanes are unbelievably narrow that I'm amazed that there are not more broken mirrors. At least drivers are more courteous and don't change lanes at any given second. We are on buses an the view gives you a new perspective.

  2. See now I'm just visualising something like this:

    "Hello, my name is Sydney"
  3. We have an historic problem in Sydney, and that is that most of the roads USED TO BE reasonable two-laners, but in the 70's and 80's governments without imagination re-drew the lines and made them claustrophobic three-laners. Now ANY road is a hazard with trucks and buses and even B-Doubles taking up every millimetre of the lane. I know that when I go to Melbourne the width of the lanes, even on minor roads, is much appreciated.
  4. In my case I work all over and try to be traving away from the city in the morning and visa versa in the avo.My first trip to Melbourne was via the South West Expressway,I think.I couldn't believe you had an expressway right into the CBD.This was before the Harbour Tunnel and the Eastern Distributer in Sydney.Some were talking the Harbour Tunnel down when it was being built,without it we would have 1 lane going south past the city.Every expressway built should be designed as 10 lanes wide,we are now suffering these widening at the moment.Stupid short sighted Governments in action.
  5. Now imagine me driving my hummer in those lanes :)
  6. I question my filtering skills at times, but when I can't walk the bike through the gap it ain't big enough to ride through...
  7. Adelaide,suckers-its where its at.
  8. shame your in Melboring Blab
  9. You just made my list.
  10. Courteous drivers? Where??
  11. thats cos you're on a bus...

  12. i could very easily rub out your list :butt::butt::butt:
  13. Pulling rank. I dig it.

    WRT the post, there's a bit of a chaotic understanding in Sydney. Kind of like Vietnam where eventually everything works out because its such as mess.

    Melbourne's gridded roads and 80kph limits scare the shit out of me. I worry about red light runner all the time down there and that will kill yo ass.

    Adelaide would be great if people from Adelaide didn't live there (well the ones I know anyway).
  14. Don't live in an urban cluster****. problem solved?
    *Hates cities*
  15. hahahahahahahahaha .... hahahahahahahah...:cry:
  16. Same same..............I try to filter through as much as possible when going to work. If its tight like two trucks side by side then I walk the bike.......if I cant walk it then I cant go through basically.

    We get a pretty shitty deal in Sydney, everything is so expensive and so congested...................................but its home :).
  17. Walk the bike ?.
    Wouldnt that take more room-being as you are beside the bike.
  18. I'm just BARELY hanging in there with my willingness to continue living in Melbourne. If someone said I had to move to Sydney I'd just leave the country, I suppose.
  19. LA or NY perhaps.
  20. I'd suck-start a shotgun before moving to NYC, or for that matter anywhere on the east coast.

    LA traffic can be bad, but on a bike it's not horrible for the most part. The advantages of being in SoCal outweigh the disadvantages as long as you're employed :)