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SYDNEY Tolls? (Mod edit)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tikyo, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Im new to it all and this forum and this may sound stupid... but do you have to pay for tolls. Coz iv seen a few bikers pay tolls goin over the bridge (i live in Sydney btw) and others go round the side of the boom gate. Some people have told me it was optional~ can anyone help me out and clarify all this for me? and i know your allowed to go in the bus lane, can you go through their toll gate if you have a tag?

  2. Leaglly, yes you have to pay tolls.

  3. There are no tags that are designed for bikes, but I have a normal car tag in my pocket and it triggers the sensors perfectly well. I have the bikes plate on the list of vehicles that can use the tag, so its all legit.
  4. Those plasric things have made it that much harder to get around the gate though!
  5. How bout just tailing anotha car through~ Do those guys that live in the box care enough to do anything about it???
  6. Which toll roads are we talkng about here??

    If you're keen on avoiding tolls, you can always just take the chance and go through the e-only lanes and hope that your bike doesn't trigger the sensors. If the booth is manned however, I doubt the guy in the box will do anything - apart from make sure the picture got taken of your plate.
  7. damn I need to get my eyes checked I thought this was a thread about "trolls" and how to avoid them...
  8. Had spoken to Citylink a couple of months back asking the same question .... they said Motorbikes are not required to pay due to the design of the e-tag reasons. So am making the most of it since then ....
  9. so is that in sydney aswell???
  10. Different up here in Sydney though...
  11. Well he was talking about crossing bridges... :LOL: :LOL:
  12. damn bridge trolls~ :)
  13. M5 and M2 don't worry about it.

    M4 and M7 will send you a notice.

    I don't know about the bride, tunnel, ed or cross city.
  14. I cross the bridge every day and find it easier to hug up close to a cage going thorugh the auto coin collector booth that way ur going slow enough to safely stay close to them, it pressumes ur a trailer i guess? I find with going through the etoll lane u get snapped maybe one third of the time.
  15. I got an e-tag for my bike and used it first time last Friday over the bridge. I put it over my front pocket but not sure if it trigged anything. I then rang up RTA asking if they had seen anything on my account. The guy on the phone asked me not to worry about it. If a photo was taken, I would receive a letter asking for payment (no penalty). He further suggested me to install a windscreen on my bike that could hold the e-tag. He said whthout the windscreen I should not be issued with an e-tag at all. According to him, the only option for bikes without the screen is to pay in the toll boots, even that may take a long while.

    Anyway, I will keep using the bus lane and e-toll and see what I will receive.
  16. Shows you how pathetic the Sydney system is for bikes. What the guy told you about needing a screen is utter crap. They can't refuse you a tag just because you don't have a screen. That would exclude half the bikes on the road. And remember that their "official"(read bulls%^t) solution was to wear the bloddy thing on an armband!

    As far as the tolls go, I'd not trust this info either. My understanding(it has been a while since I checked) is that on the bridge, tunnel, M4 and M5 you can go through the e-lane without a tag and you will get a notice. As long as the rego that was photographed is linked with an e-tag, when you process the notice you only pay the toll, no penalty. But on the M2 you get slugged an admin fee as well. If I need to use the M2 I pay cash. All others I go through the e-lane without carrying a tag and wait for the notice. Haven't used the M7 yet.
  17. m4 and m5 have a card, its free and you slip into your glove. you go through the change or exact pay bays and pass back of hand over card reader. its thin and very flexible.

    The card is free. the trip comes off your credit