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Sydney Tolls/Etags.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sectorsteve, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Hi All.
    Now im sure this has been ripped to shreds on here but ive joined specifically to fight the fight to eradicate Etag use for bikes in Sydney - especially those on the road every day / all day

    I ride approx 200 ks per day around sydney for the last year for a job ive got.
    I use the M2/4/5/7, etc etc all the time. for about 6 months i did the Epass system which gives you 2 weeks, then you renew it. I got an Etag but found/find it so hard to use. How the **** do you ride, in the wet, get it out of your pocket, hold it up, back in the pocket , another thing to carry round etc. Such a pain in the neck. I know people stick them on the bike somehow, but, well i dont want to stick it on there. im in and out of jobs, another thing to remember to take off the bike, to get stolen if i forget, just such a hassle. So i went back to Epass. problem is, you get charged an extra 75cents per toll check point for the photo, plus you have to renew every 2 weeks, but i find that a whole lot easier and safer than carry an ETAG around.
    I believe in Vic, you guys dont pay tolls. We need another system for riders in Sydney. Its just not practical to carry an ETAG on a bike, and one of these days im gonna stack - its due after 40,000 ks in the last year.
    Im on a Vespa PX200. Ahh the joy. makes my job fun. i look forward to every day on it, honestly. There isnt really a place to put an ETAG on it. I did try a velcro system but it fell off. i put in my pocket and most the time it reads through the pocket, but not always. What to do
    I appreciate all we get. free parking, bus lanes, the ocassional foot bridge, footpath if needed, but seriously , the ETAG can kiss my arse, can go have a quiet one $#%^&*#@$!@$$% ETAG
  2. call the rta and tell them what your license plate is and they'll take it out of your account

    you goon
  3. correct
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.