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Sydney tolls - best option?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by johnbl, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Hi Sydney-siders!

    I've recently moved up to Sydney from Melbourne, and am a bit confused with all the different toll roads and operators - I've looked at a couple of their websites and still not sure what the best option is.

    Basically, I only use the bike on a few toll roads a month, like 5 or 6 times a month, usually when I'm heading out on weekend or evening rides. What's the best account for fairly infrequent users like me, that will cover all toll roads? I assume I won't get an e-tag (I only have the bike, no car) - will photo processing fees be waived?

    (I know there are one or two posts about SYD tolls on here, but they're quite old so the info is probably out-of-date now).

    Thanks guys! (y)

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    I think pretty much all tag providers are the same. you can pre-pay an amount or have it attached to your bank account with automatic top-ups when your available credit gets down to a certain level. all tags work on all tollroads nationally so if you have yours from Melbourne you can continue to use that one.

    on a bike, provided you have your rego recorded on your account you don't have to carry your tag with you, the provider will automatically allocate your charges (at no extra cost) each time your rego plate goes through a tag reader.

    I'm with Eway and have been for a number of years and never had a problem. hope this helps.

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    why when you write a post do you read it ten times before you submit, then, magically you notice the spelling mistakes? sorry but it's my OCD, I can't keep looking at it and just had to edit.
  3. Exactly what he said, Im with Eway aswell and no dramas. Simply log on to your account online and register your number plate and they do the rest.
  4. RTA Etoll

    any toll road in Australia
    No registration fee

    No account fees
    $40 security deposit1 for 1st tag, waived for 2nd and 3rd tag
    $40 minimum opening credit3
    Easy automatic payment by direct debit or credit card

    some tags may have application fee, monthly fee or minimum spend... get one without them...
  5. I Use E-Toll, but it's just my plate is listed on my wife's car tag account - rego match just gets charged there with no added fee.

    Only use tolls on either bike or in car rarely. No extra fees.
  6. We have an E-Toll account with one car on it and one tag. Our three bikes are listed but you don't need a tag, they do plate ID for bikes. We have it just for those odd occasions we need to use the toll ways.
  7. Thanks for reminding me to add the bike to my toll account!
  8. A mate of mine used this when he commuted over the bridge daily: erider

    $90 a quarter gives you unlimited bridge/tunnel use and you top it up with credit that can be used on all other tolls.

    If you don't travel across the harbour regularly, any of the other tag options suggested above would be the way to go
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  9. Yeah I have an e-Toll beeper in the car, and I just listed my bike's rego under it. Toll cameras do the rest.

    I even listed my dad's bike too, cos he's too much of a tightarse to get his own.
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  10. Could always use this method :p

    article-0-09A6B1A6000005DC-107_468x344. 2341CD9400000578-0-image-17_1416292683359.
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  11. is that what the WA dude was doing when he stacked in front of camera? :)
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