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Sydney Tolls and Motorcycle - Update

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, May 18, 2011.

  1. I have been searching the net and calling ROAM but havn't got an answer.

    As of MAY 2011, what is the situation with e-tags and the tolls like M2, Sydney Harbour Bridge etc.? Is the plate matching fee of 75c still waived for bikers?

    I've called ROAM and they said there is a matching fee, so I asked, so you're saying it costs motorcyclists more than car drivers to cross the bridge? and she said yes. WTF? someone tell me she is wrong - and if possible post links from RTA or somewhere from the NSW Govt that says the fee is waived.

    Roam service and website is one of the WORST i have seen.
    RTA is just as bad, their design and information layout is terrible.
  2. no idea but if this helps... i went over the bridge on sunday and then went on the website to do a day pass thingy (hadnt planned on going over the bridge, got a little lost lol dont ask!). And the grand total of $1.50 has been taken from my account for that little journey of mine.
  3. afaik the matching fee has always been waived for bikes after the video of some dude getting falconed by a boomgate and then crashing went viral
  4. LOL please post video>?
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  6. If you use the Harbout bridge frequently it is better to get the RTA e-tag for the bike and then the quarterly pass. for about $90 you get to use the bridge and tunnel as much as you want/can and you don't have to carry the tag on you.

    I have never been charged anything extra when on the bike and crossing other tools in Syd.
  7. I get letters all the time for the bridge and tunnel. They are supposed to number plate match. Sometimes it happens, sometimes I get a letter. I do not get charged any extra. Just the standard rip off price. I might try and pick the gap on the road between the sensors and see if I get through for free.
  8. If Roam are jacking you, join Eway, they dont charge for plate matching, i dont even use a tag anymore as i just LOVE the little flash flash in the morning as i drive into the city over the bridge.
  9. i just have an rta e-tag. never charged me extra, always just take a photo of my bike. i stopped taking the tag with me after a month as i think it got soaked in the rain and didn't work anyways!

    edit: been 4 years since i've used the e-tag on my bike.
  10. I got a letter from the RTA early April stating I crossed used the tunnel at 9.05am some weekday in March. I was thinking WTF? I didn't ride into the city at all that month. Then I noticed the registration number - it was the bike I traded in back in early February - it obviously was still showing under my name as the owner. Filled in the contest section of the form and attached photocopies of the bill of sale and that was the end of it (I hope).

    To keep on topic, I have a RTA eTag and have never had extra charges added for number plate matching for either the car or the bike).
  11. Yea plate matching is for free so long as you register your bike with your etag online. But I generally try and ride as close to the car in front of me as possible to avoid getting charged anything. I haven't ever done a proper check with my bank balance to see if this is actually working for me.
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    That would ****ing suck!

    I have an RTA eTag and have never had a plate matching fee...even when I'm traveling in the car and I've forgotten to put it back in.
  13. I have never paid a toll since the first etags were introduced.
    They write me a nice letter asking for payment and I ignore it.
    They write me another letter, and I ignore it.
    They write me ANOTHER letter, and I ignore it.
    This has gone on for years, and not one single matter has been escalated or referred to the SDRO.
    I wonder if there is a legal loophole that prevents the SDRO from collecting on toll debts?
    If so, we should ALL refuse to pay until the inequity of motorcycle tolls is addressed.
    PS I refuse to pay because I take a moral stance on paying for roads that should be paid for out of my rego!
  14. This is something I am very interested in hearing more about.
    I agree that we should be be paying the same as a car or should be paying at all.

    Anyone else been getting away with this?
  15. Very interesting. Is this from both government and non government toll roads?
  16. There was a story a year or so about this. basically someone wasn't chasing it up, but they were going to change that.

    If you are getting letters and ignoring it, then you are risking it all coming home to roost.

    At the moment on the m5 you get your money back, but there is a limit now for how long the government will do it. (6 months?). So if they do start pushing the case, you won't get you money back from the government and you could risk loss of license.
  17. That makes sense. The other risk with ignoring it is all the penalties. You can ignore it for a couple of letters though and then put it on your etag and still only pay the original amount. That gives you the time value of money.
  18. I just avoid toll roads all together. I weigh up the minutes cost to avoid and the price. The only one whoch turns out cheaper in Sydney than $30/ hrs (A reasonable pay for riding your bike around) is the harbour bridge and tunnel.

    The worst is the ED/CCT combo which costs over $10 and saves you about 5 mins, so the equivalent of $120/hrs.

    They really should be much cheaper for bikes. I think bikes are toll discounted in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  19. Bikes are free in melb anywhere except the Eastlink. I never go out there so it doesn't really matter for me but bikes are half the price of cars, according to their website.

    It really is a raw deal that bikes get stung the same as cars in NSW. You'd think they might like to encourage people to ride bikes seeing they use less gas and cause less damage to the road as well as less congestion. Oh well!
  20. ^^^

    I tried to have my bike put onto my Citylink account (so i can use it on Eastlink) but as CL dont charge tolls for bikes you cant put a bike on the account.

    Now I just avoid Eastlink....be bugered if i'm opening a seperate account just for the bike!