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Sydney - Toll Roads - How does it work on a Bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shoey, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Hi

    I'm still very new to the world of bike riding and I'm just wondering how do tolls work on the bike. The M7 for example is a cashless toll road so how can I ride my bike on it? I assume that it would be too dangerous to ride under the sensors holding up an e-tag. I'm sure that this mustn't be too much of a problem. Any info would be great.

    Thanks in advance. :grin: :grin:
  2. The official line by the RTA is that they don't do E-tags for bikes. (This might have changed lately, I'm not sure.)

    As far as tolls that take cash go (like the bridge and M2) you should take as much time as you can removing gloves, fishing around for change etc etc just to make a point that bikes shouldn't be tolled.

    As far as these new cashless toll roads are concerned, some riders just go through and hope they don't set off the sensor (which is fairly frequently from what I've heard), but if you do set off the sensor, be prepared for a letter from the man. Other people just take their cars E-tag and chuck it in their tankbag or strap it to their arm...

    Don't do toll that much myself so can't help anymore than that...

  3. I use the normal car toll beepy and keep it in my pocket. It works a treat! I also have an old mobile phone holder and slip the e-tag in that. It clips nicely to my belt. I stopped using the mobile phone holder when I realised that the beepy goes off when its just sat in my pocket, which means the rain can be kept off it.
  4. shoey, on your bike its pretty rough ask to place a tag on the bike itself. so you may need to get the tag in the luggage.

    if your bike is registered with the system if the tag doesnt operate, then they will take photo and match it with your account (we hope).

    some surgestions ive heard so far.

    put the etag in an old cell phone cover and clip to belt.
    put in backpack.
    put in tank bag.

    i ring up weekly and complain to the rta about the e-tag situation, last week i got the same operator so i hung up :) :LOL:
  5. M7 knows about the bike issue, and knows it's their fault.

    They will send you a form in the mail, and you send the payment back by cheque/credit card, if the bike sets off the sensors. You will not be charged an admin fee.

    CCT knows about the bike issue, and knows it's their fault. They on the other hand are idiots, and will charge you an admin fee.

    The easiest option. Get a tag from the RTA. Link bike to it. Don't bother carrying tag.

    Occasionly you will get a letter in the mail, you write in your tag details and fax it back. No admin charge.

    For my daily bridge commute.

    On the Spada I normally pay about 1 in 10 trips. On the monster it's more like 1 in 3.
  6. I think Iemma summed it up when he called the boss of CCT a f%^&wit. He was echoing what every single motorist in Sydney thinks. Especially people like me who live in the inner-city and have no use for the tunnel but have to put up with the worse traffic caused by it.

    I have an RTA e-tag which never gets removed from my car. You can link any number of regos to the one tag with the second rego being free. After that you have to pay for extra.

    Different tollroads are run by different companies so the rules are different. M4/M5 will send you a letter after they detect your bike but no tag. You then state your account details and fax/phone it back to them for no additional charge. I think the bridge/tunnel is supposed to take it out of a valid e-tag account automatically if the bike rego is linked to it.

    M2/M7 don't know as I have either paid cash(M2) or never riden it(M7).
  7. The M7 and M2 both have number plate recognition accounts now, normally there is an admin charge but they are waiving it for bikes. Simply call up e-tag or Roam and open up an account, tell em your on a bilke and you wont need a tag. As others have said, they only get you a small percentage of the time, at least you dont have to muck around faxing stuff...!
  8. The RTA just sent me a notice for going over the bridge 6 weeks ago(!). I put my Roam account and tag details on the form and faxed it back - no admin fee (that's if you don't count how much it cost to send the fax). I've been over (and under) a fair bit since then so I don't know if I'm going to get flooded with notices, if I do then I might have to take the tag out from under the seat and find somewhere to put it :(

    Oddly enough Roam have yet to bill me for any trips on the M2 or M7 :roll:
  9. I used the M5 a fair bit. I have an RTA tag that I just chuck in my backpack. I never seem to set of the sensors as I have never been charged through the etag or had a letter in the mail! So what ever sensors they use find it hard to pick up bikes in the first place. Car sets it off no worries.

    The only trouble I had was actually getting a tag. I got mine at the RTA office and spent ages trying to get the lady to issue one and record my bike rego against it. She refused, so I just listed the cage. Got home, rang the RTA line and they took the bike rego straight away????

    I've also ridden through those ones where they have the red/green light (on the M2 I think) when it's been red. no fine, no letter, nothing? Bike's a VFR so there is a fair bit of metal spinning around in there.
  10. :rofl: That's hilarious
  11. I got an RTA etag yesterday and, since I don't have a car, I used the bike plate number. The RTA lady wasn't very happy about letting me have it, telling me I'd be fined $300 for holding it in the air and that I needed a full height windscreen on my bike to mount it etc.

    After listening patiently and nodding at the right times while she told me all the reasons why I can't have one, I eventually asked "yes, I understand, but am I allowed to have one?". She said yes.

    So now I do have one and it'll sit in my desk drawer. Let's see how it goes.