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Sydney Toll e-tag. Which one!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jhammy, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. OK so i've searched this and there are way too many different types of tags and companies providing them etc.

    I need to use the Bridge to get to the airport for a business flight out tomorrow. I don't own a car, and this is the 1st time i've ridden on a toll since I bought my bike 2 months ago (i've only lived in Sydney 3 months). So what tag is the best one to get? I may use a toll once a month in the future at most but it won't be a regular thing.

    I've been on the RTA website to attempt to open an account for one and it just asked "do you only own a motorcycle?"... so i answered yes, and I get the response "Go to a Motor Registry to open a motorcycle tag account". Why can't I open one online like any other car user? Can't say i'm feeling the love here.
  2. I enquired about this a while ago and, while I live in NSW near the border, I use a Qld GoVia tag since I usually use Qld tolls.
    With that tag it doesn't need to be displayed on the bike. I simply have the bike added to my car account and they do a plate match.
    My enquiries about the procedure using the same in NSW gave the following reply:
    ""Thank you for contacting Queensland Motorways.

    As long as the motorbike is listed on your go via account and the account is in credit at the time of travel, any trip you make on the bike Australia wide will be charged back to your go via account. Please note that it can take up to seven working days for trips to be charged to your account."

    So, no need to display a tag. The plate match and charge no additional fee to do it. Others might do the same.
  3. i am also with GO VIA
  4. Nice one, i'll try that one. Thanks.