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Sydney to ?????????

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kingy, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys..

    I'm in desperate need of a week away on my bike...

    ive pretty much done Sydney over to Perth via GOR then VIC highlands back to Sydney.. done Sydney to Brisbane. been out west as far as Dubbo and Parks.

    so i really haven't been north west of Sydney like out to BOURKE way.. is there any decent roads out that way or am i just wasting my time ????

    i want somewhere new and exciting but also long curvy roads that seem to last for ever... nice towns to stop off for lunch and some decent spots to stay for the night.. at this stage looking at 4-6days ..

    any help would be great...

    cheers guys
  2. Putty Road, Gresford, Gloucester, Thunderbolt's Way to Walcha, Oxley to Port Macquarie, then north????
  3. join in on the 7-9th run to up near port maquarie then head off your own way after that perhaps just straight west to coonabarabran or dubbo...then head south along the western side of the blue mountains for the run home?
  4. ohhhh i like that idea cheers hornet.. ive done putty then through to mudgee that way.. sounds like a decent plan me thinks :)
  5. that sounds interesting.. last yr i did the nullabor that was fun but boring at the same time.. got excited when there was a slight bend in the road lol...
  6. Follow the Murray to Wentworth? (Make sure you call in Rutherglen if you like a fortified wine - Chambers Muscat is especially good)
  7. I just spent a week on the bike and did Sydney->Tamworth->Nyngan->Peterborough->Coober Pedy->Alice->Barkly Homestead->Longreach->Bourke->Sydney

    There is a whole world of straight roads out that way....Hornet's plan seems like a good one.

  8. im doing Tasmania in March next yr LOL . booked it last week...

    i need a week away very soon stressed out with personal stuff i need to get away
  9. You're welcome to join a few of us heading north-ish next Friday (7 Sep) Kingy, and then split off on your own at some point over the weekend if you want to go further? We'll be doing Thunderbolts and the Oxley over the 3 days ourselves, including meeting up with another group for a bit of a drink on Saturday night...
  10. i would love to mate but next friday is the old birthday (26) .. misses taking me out.. tho the ride sounds alot more fun LOL
  11. Fair enough, but interesting - this whole weekend of riding is to "celebrate" my 40th, and the missus was happy to get me out of her hair for a few days!
    (My birthday is actually the following weekend though, so I geddit...)
  12. Travel the QLD coast and see some beautiful scenery?
  13. i lived in Brisbane for 4 yrs. moved back to sydney only a yr ago... i do miss the QLD coast line tho... ive ridden all over the place just some areas i have yet to discover ...
  14. If you haven't gone north of the hunter go there, basically just keep cris-crossing the range. As hornet said, thunderbolts and oxley is good, so is Waterfall way and the road through Nymboida to grafton. Through the back of Byron to Nimbin is all good, then over the border range and you probably know the rest.
  15. sounds like the best plan Vert C ... cheers for the input guys :)
  16. mmmmmmm sounds interesting and daring what i need atm... sounds like a spot i need to visit