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Sydney To Uluru - Anyone done it/tips?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by moog, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Really been enjoying reading through this section and checking out the photos.

    Looking on google maps it looks like there are two main routes to Uluru. Either head west into NSW, or south-west down towards SA then up from there. Both around 2900km

    Wondering what amount of fuel is available on those routes, on something with a short range... like a postie bike? And how long that ride would take.

    Are they all main highways or are the various ways to go once you're out of NSW? Camp or Hotels?

    I read Going Postal recently (the guy that rode from Sydney to London on a CT110) and he rode up the coast where there is a lot of people and facilities and he changed to a larger dirt bike style tank. Wondering what its like once you start getting out west on a bike that probably only may only do 150km/tank and if there's much available or if its about self sufficiency.

    Just read through the touring sticky but anyone with specific info about touring on a postie style bike would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Sounds like a cracker of a trip. Whichever way you go you will end up on Stuart Hwy Route A87 and I know there is up to 200km between petrol stops on that route. The Postie Bike Challenge, guys might have more info on long distance stuff, this year I think they are doing WA though.
  3. Most long distance posties have a old XR250 tank mounted on them and with the primary tank give a range of approx 400+ k's.. Any outback touring and this would be your absolute minimum modification to make.. Purchasing a "spot" or sat phone or similar would also give you an extra piece of mind. You would also need to carry at least 1 spare tyre, multiple tubes and all the tools you can carry. Not to mention food, water, tent and sleeping bag.. It is a big trip with big consequences but the rewards can be equally as high..

    I'm assuming you are thinking of doing this without extra vehicle support

    Sorry can't give you any info on the route but hope this gives you something to think about...
  4. I haven't actually done the ride your asking about but back in my younger days of having a Honda CX500 Turbo in the mid 90's we did two different trips covering some of the roads you might use.

    Our first long distance trip was from Adelaide to Sydney via the coast. Spent a few days at Katoomba and headed back home via West Wyalong. No problems with fuel for us that way as it's fairly well populated and well travelled.

    Our other trip was up to Ayers Rock and which for some smaller bikes may have problems with fuel.
    From Port Augusta to Woomera (182kms). Near Woomera you will get some scenic views of one of the salt lakes. Fuel at Pimba (just a roadhouse) at the turn off to Woomera).
    Next fuel top is Glendambo, 121kms. Last time I was there we stopped in the Motel on the way back. Unless you can run to Coober Pedy on a full tank then you need to stop here. Regardless it's a good rest stop before the 255km run to Coober Pedy. We spent 4 days there over Christmas on our way up.
    Another 234 kms to Marla and there is (or was when we did it) Cadney Park about 90kms from Marla. After Marla it's 254 kms to Erldunda where stayed for a few days. There's also a roadhouse on the border.
    We stayed at Erldunda and did Ayers Rock 246kms one way and return on one day. The next day we went to Alice Springs 200kms and returned. Then reversed the trip from Erldunda to come back home.
    We had no problems with tyres back then and these days they'd be more reliable. I did an oil/filter change at Coober Pedy and my bike tool kit was enough for that and one extra socket and wrench for the sump plug.
    Food/water. Take enough to last about three/four days. Get what you need at Port Augusta and replace what you use at Coober Pedy. Marla has a small supermarket and I think the rock has as well. The three/four day food thing is more a worse case scene like breaking down or the road closed due to flooding (rare, but it does happen).
    Hope that helps