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Sydney to Townsville for the Ulysses AGM

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Toecutter, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. #1 Toecutter, Jun 14, 2008
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    Left Sydney 6am Monday 26th May to overcast skies.

    Hit the F3 and the fog is heavy. Turning off to Peats Ridge and it starts to rain – oh well it can only get better.


    The run down to Wollombi is very slow as I can barely see the advisory speed signs. Paynes Crossing is a favourite old wooden bridge, so being early in the morning stop for a Pic.


    Once out the other side of Broke fog lifts, and then take the scenic route to Muswellbrook via Jerrys Plains by passing Singelton (six years of Army so no fond memories there)

    Good opening run, 8.30 and 230kms. Fuel up and then onto the boring New England and up to Tamworth where detour after detour then takes me onto Fossickers Way. The run up to Goondawindi is a good conditon secondary road with hardly any traffic. Some great curves just north of Barraba, then nothing much till I get some cheap ($1.44) fuel at Goondiwindi. I wasn’t planning on going much further, but it was before 2.30pm, so thought I’d push on and see how much further I’d get.

    The road drones on, the only relief being the B-doubles that try and blow you off the bike as they fly past.

    A few sunset pics, still don't know what I'm doing with this new camera....



    Then realise am in the middle of nowhere and it’s getting dark, so time to move on and stop for the night at Taroom. Only saw three roos - but after 12 hours riding, concentration starting to lapse, just wanna couple of beers and sleep.

    Anyone thinking of staying in these little towns had better be prepared to pay ridiculous rates for accommadation, in very basic hotels, as the mining companies are happy to pay upards of $100 a night. Caravan cabins also full, so take up the offer of Russel at the servo to camp in his car park. The good thing is that all these outback servos have showers, so you can at least get clean, get a few take away beers and crash out after nearly 1,100kms on the bike.

    Up early again and leave by 7.00am for Townsville. Why not it’s only another 1,000km day.

    Head toward Rockhampton, and onto the Bruce Highway – nothing exciting but making good time. Get to Prosperpine and it starts to rain, so on with the weat weather gear, and continuing drizzle till I get to Townsville at 6.00pm. Link Sydney to Townsville

    The Ulysses AGM is a great week, sort of like an Easter Show for motorcyclists. Just about every marque is there offering test rides. Plenty of accessory and clothing stalls all offering that bit extra discount so they don’t have to take anything back.


    If anyone’s wondering what’s in the black box, I took up my guitar for a Talent Quest – and managed to make it to the final but bombed out due to scratchy voice (don't think the late nights, countless durries and beers had anything to do with it :wink: )

    Here’s the heat performance XLfj5pjmj9Q[/media]]first time solo on stage

    I also enter my first "show and shine"....saw a guy in the morning who'd been polishing his old BMW Tourer for literally hours during the last few days, telling us what the judges look for etc etc as he's won enough show and shines to know. I went and hosed mine down and then chamois, borrow some Plexus and managed to pick up Best BMW :cool:


    Sunday morning comes all too soon and it’s a slow pack up to head back to Sydney. Pete joins me for the ride back, and we take a bit of a scenic route bypassing Rocky put down 450kms before reaching Nebo. The roads from the Bruce Hwy to Nebo are what I love riding, narrow, quite a few curves, no traffic and a bit patchy, but the suspension on the Beemer soaks it all up. Pete’s riding a 650 Strom so also no concerns as we start getting drenched and deicde to call it a day and pay the $120 to stay in what would be $39 hotel anywhere but in a mining town

    Up early again as we pull out before 7am aiming for Moree – around 1,130kms in rain and more rain. Get to Moree around 6.30 and the thermal pools in the caravan park are a great relief and all for the grand total $49 including a cabin.

    Leisurely 620kms trip home (well supposedly) – Townsville to Sydney

    The storms we'd ridden through the last day and a half now moving west...


    I say bye to Pete as he turns off at Narrabri to head down to Canberra.

    Then just the other side of Quirindi, still raining, and I catch up to a guy on a GS1200. He goes out to overtake a ute, and next thing he’s sliding down the road. FARK – he must have hit the road at 100kmh, and his bike's at least 30 metres from him. Pull up, he’s fine, tell him to stay where he is, and turn his bike off. Pack up his top box, he’s up and walking and wondering what the hell happened. Very strange as no brake light came on – he’s bike just slipped out from under him. So he’s riding behind me and less than three kms further on, I go out to overtake, see a corner coming up and roll off, touch front brake, go to move back in my lane, and I too am now sliding down the road. We guess some diesel must have spilt in that metre other side of our lane – two of us who’d ridden 8,000kms between us in the last week just couldn’t fall off. Anyway, thanks to good gear we’re both walking.

    Here’s pics of my damaged bike

    Shop has advised up for $3,000 in parts – before my pannier, and labour plus the small dent in tank – so looks like my bike will be written off, so deciding what next to buy….

    Well apart from the stack, a great week away - some big 1,000+ km days on a naked bike, so an Iron Butt maybe not too far away :cool:
  2. Mate good to see you are ok after the crash, must of been bloody scary, how did u get home?

    Also good on you for pumping the NSW jersey yeeha
  3. Managed to somehow snap spark plug (boot hitting it?) Gary (fellow crash buddy) went and got another. Used some bond crete to sort of seal the rocker cover and just moved the straps around to keep the pannier attached.
  4. Great report Chris, damn right you can do a Iron Butt ride now. 1600 is easy if you can do the klms you did.
  5. Sorry to hear about the damage mate.

    Some people from my work were up there with our company bike and mentioned they had the spyder there - did you get a ride of it?
  6. The Can Am? Saw 'em, but they were pretty popular so didn't bother with a ride.
  7. nooooooo Alex, not the gorgeous old black Beemer??????

    Glad to hear you're ok, buddy, and, as usual, great ride report!
  8. Nice photo's Toe, how did the ol' battle Axe survive the stack?
  9. Sorry to hear about your off... That really sucks. :/ But glad that you seem okay!

    Looks like the AGM would be a fun event to attend. I think I've got a short while to go before I'm even elligable for Junior membership though! :grin:

    I do have two questions for you, though, since I'll be leading a small convoy of m'self on the Tiger and one to three cars from Sydney to Brisvegas early in July on a weekday.

    We're planning on basically superslabbing it the whole way, Like this map link here.

    I'm familiar with Wollombi but I've not done the 'Peats Ridge' road in a looong time - Do you think we'd have trouble maintaining convoy through there? Looks like it might be a whisker faster than taking the F3 to Cessnock, but only if the 2nd car in the convoy isn't nursed around the corners.

    Much traffic on the New England Highway? I'm hoping it'll be easier/quicker than the Pacific Highway due to its inland-ness - fewer turns, fewer tourists, more overtaking opportunities.

    Also - you mentioned detours/roadworks near Tamworth?
  10. Take first exit from F3, Peats Ridge Rd, then turn left towards Kulnura/Bucketty, George Downes Drive, which takes you to Wollombi, Broke, Milbordale etc. Peats Ridege Rd much easier for cars than Wollombi, so an easy run for all - so long as you don't cop the fog :shock:

    New England Hwy is boring, but probably the quickest way for you - I think it was six speed cameras between Muswellbrook and Tamworth :roll:

    I turned off at Tamworth to go via Warialda - all I remember was turning left and right quite a fw timies and going on some newer roads, don't know if this would be the same roads to take to get to Brisbane :?
  11. The guitar was fine. Cheapish $120 case from music shop copped a heap of rain, and all still dry. Use those cam buckle straps covered with Andy Strapz so load doesn't move too much
  12. FNQ

    Hey toecutter.thanx for your reply . I had a look at your pics of your trip.looked grouse, until!!! Are you ok? it looked like an old favourite.
    On our trip we plan to go for 3 weeks at least. no rush. gunna take it greasey!!!! goin up the coast to see as much as possible.
    Q. As I really havn't done a big one yet ,how did you go doin that many km's in one day. this is something that concerns us. we don't know how we will be after 600 km's thats what we plan to do each day. a little conservative do you think?
  13. That depends on what you are used to, what distance would you normally do for a days ride? and how do you feel after that.

    If you have lots of time 500-600 is a good distance, many don't even do that by time you stop for pics and food etc.
  14. HH - decide if the trip is a riding one or a touristy one :?

    Davo's definitely the expert when it comes to riding ones :cool:

    For me the secret is to get away early each day - and not as easy to do if you're camping.

    But if you can be on the road by 7am, and on decent powered bikes, sitting on 110kmh, fuel every 200kms, should see 600kms early afternoon with a few hours a day to do touristy things. Fill up bike night before and aim for breaky/food at first fuel stop around 9am.

    The Coast road has heaps of traffic - good for riding at night with less 'roos. But also more overtaking, which with only two of you (?) should be easy enough and of course cops. In QLD, they sit on the side of the road in 4WD's and have camera, didn't see any but heard of someone getting done for 115.

    Coast road there and back be a a bit much, there's plenty of fuel stops inland, but the small mining towns are expensive for basic motels
  15. FNQ

    Really valid points you raise thanks very much felas. plan to go coast and home down the middle.only camping if necessary. much prefer comfy bed but will wait n see on that. no plan set in concrete. "livin wild , livin free", as they say!!!!
  16. Re: FNQ

    "make no plans and disappoint nobody" - that's a great start, enjoy the trip :cool:
  17. fnq

    PS: hey toectter, the cops are a breeze. remember, I live in good old victoria. THE POLICE STATE. we got bloody cameras on every corner down her.
  18. Re: fnq

    I noticed when riding with the Vics last year in NSW, they were slowing down for the "Speed Cameras used in NSW" signs :p