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Sydney to the MotoGP - Suggested routes?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ricardo68, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    So I have a new bike (2003 CBR954RR Fireblade) and a few days leave up my sleeve so I'm planning to head to Mordor and the MotoGP !!!

    Please help !! Please advise any "must ride" roads along the way !!

    All suggestions welcome.

    This is the route I came up with playing on the computer:


    So it's:

    Sydney -> Eden -> Lakes Entrance -> GP -> Tumut -> Kanga Valley -> Sydney

    I'm really not sure about the roads on the coast South of about Ulladulla as I've not been that way for probably 20 years, but very keen for a look around !

    Also not too sure about heading via Wee Jasper from Tumut as I remember this to be dirt (20 years ago), or heading too near the snow fields this time of year but I'm happy to play it by ear as I love an adventure :)

    Finally, If my route coincides with anyone else's and you see me on the 'Blue Black Blade' say hi, drink beer with me and so on ...


  2. One does not simply Google Map into Mordor.

    Your pic isn't working (ok now it is)

    Also, consider the Bonang Highway from Eden to Orbost. (Eden/Bombala/Delegate/Orbost - it has a 13km section of dirt though.
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  3. Went down that way at the start of the year in the car.

    We stayed at Mallacoota one night. The road in and out made me a little sad I didn't have a bike with me.
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  4. The road into Mallacoota is indeed nice.

    OP, if you are going down the Princes Hwy, consider the detour into Tilba, then leave the highway and go via Bermagui, Tathra, Merimbula & rejoin the hwy at Pambula

    maps linky

    Then you can either continue to Eden, or take Mt Darragh Rd to Bombala and then to Orbost via Delegate as previously suggested. If you do go to Eden, you could take the Imlay Road west instead of the hwy, either to Cann River or head north to Bombala.

    There are some magic roads down here.
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  5. When you heading down, OP?
    I got some time off too and plan to do the coast to Pambula, up to Bombala for the night and then down through Delegate to Orbost, and on to Melbourne the next day.
    Return trip is usually a boring but fast Hume run, leaving at breakfast and being home for dinner...
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  6. I could handle this too. I like the picture thread so we know each other before the trip.
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  7. Thanks Anto n Jazz, both suggestions sound perfect !!

    Hi Nite, I'm thinking three days down, two back and probably only make the Sunday ... but nothing set in concrete at all. I'll be happy for the company if it works in with your trip!
  8. The boys from work and I are heading down over 3 days

    Meeting at Robo Pie shop, heading down to bega then across to cooma.

    Cooma via a boot load of twisty roads to Bairnsdale

    then Bairnsdale to the cowes

    One thing I have noticed from the guy organizing it, Your going to have to plan your fuel stops to a tee.

    We have an 1198s and RSV4 in our group, they are lucky to get 180kms from a tank.