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Sydney to SW Rocks the back way

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Long Ride, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. A couple of mates decided to head up to South West Rocks for the weekend so I headed up a day earlier taking a slightly more scenic route than the freeway. That was my first time going through some of those parts and I now wish that I'd remembered to pack my camera.

    Day 1 I headed up Putty Road to Singleton, then out to the coast at Seal Rocks via Dungog and Bulahdelah.

    Day 2 I headed up through Forster then out to Gloucester, up Thunderbolts way through Walcha and on to Armidale. Then the most interesting part came along the Armidale - Kempsey road, about 140km with at least half of it being dirt, but very well graded.

    Definitely worth some exploration if you're heading up that way. My only disappointment was that I had to get back to Sydney earlier than planned on Monday which made me take the more direct route. Can't wait to get back up that way and see some more of those roads through the range.

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  2. Did the putty on Saturday, pretty col out there.

    The graded dirt road, suitable really only for adventure style bikes? I ride a cruiser.
  3. I'd like to know a bit more about the Armidale/Kempsey Rd. Did you ride up into the Bulladeelah ranges via Wootton? Spookiest Highway I've ever riden on! :)
  4. "Spooky"? How so? Sounds intriguing.
  5. Hi tubbsy, Wootton Way originally was part of the main Pacific Hwy. It climbed up in the ranges and is quite twisty and steep in places. A Bypass was built not so long ago so the beautiful road up the mountain was rendered obsolete. (A motorcyclist dream!) So basically what's left is a very quiet stretch of highway perfect for motorcycles!!! The road doesn't get much traffic so there is always loads of leaf litter strewn across the road, taking up the whole left lane in places. The signage is rusting and faded and the lane markings are sketchy. Lots of trees and overgrown bushes etc... I travelled the whole length and didn't pass a single vehicle. It was like a lost highway. Don't let the secret out though ;)
    I would take it very cautiously if it is raining or after a storm...Get up there and ride it mate!

    link: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&sou....326597,152.263298&spn=0.178129,0.339546&z=12
  6. SOme pics I ripped off the net.

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  7. That's awesome thanks mate! Will definitely make a point to do that route.
  8. also quite spooky because at the right time of year (feb-march if memory is correct) all the trees shed their bark and reveal a very pale ghostly white skin. It looks even better in dull lighting.
  9. No I didn't take the road through Wootton, I had to drop past a mates place near Forster, so I went up that way then cut out from Nabiac out to Gloucester on The Bucketts Way, then up to Walcha on Thunderbolts Way.

    I'll definitely swing up that road next time I'm up that way, which might have to be soon!
  10. While I was on a GS, it was loaded up and I did have road tyres on it. You could do it on a cruiser if you took it easy, probably best to ride it starting at the Kempsey end, that way when you get up the top end you can hug the hill rather than the steep drop.
  11. Looks like a great ride guys. Definately adding it to my list of roads to visit.
  12. you mean you went all that way....... and to Walcha to boot........
    ,............. and you didnt run the Oxley?:facepalm:
  13. check out wootton before trying a "spirited lap"
    Whilst the roads virtually devoid of all cage traffic, you are starting to get a few bikes doing laps on weekends and the police have started taking notice it seems (seen them parked halway in a few times now, or at the northern end where it rejoins the pacific highway)

    If doing that road after a bit of wind, also watch out for loads of leaf litter strewn across the road everywhere - because theres virtually no traffic it doesnt get blown off the road for ages

    Also if your southbound on this road, watch for water runoff in the left lane in 2 spots near the concrete dividers - the roads turned green and very slippy about a foot in from the edge of the road in those places
  14. I've had a few big near misses on this stretch back when it was the pacific hwy. Great piece of road though, heaps of fun. The syd - bris trip used to be littered with little sections like this, but one by one over the years they've been bypassed. That'd be ok if they maintained the old bits as well, but they don't, so they slowly get broken up and fall into disrepair, closed off into sections...