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Sydney to Surfers best route? (taking the car)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Snowman, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. I'm driving up to Surfers Paradise for new years on Wednesday. Is there a more interesting way to go than the Pacific Highway that doesn't add too much time to the trip?

    What's the New England Highway like?

    Which way would you go if you were riding up?

  2. Take Pacific for a short while, turn off and head up the Buckets way past Stroud, Gloucester, and come out at Uralla on the new england. Cut back across towards GC near Tenterfield.

    I'd expect it to add at least 1 - 2 hours to the trip though.

    Personally for driving I'd say stick with the pacific all the way - safer and quicker. With all the new dual carriageway you can just set cruise control and eat up the KMs.
  3. ditto on the Pacific Hwy. Boring as though.
    If doing NE would probably go Tenterfield, Casino, Lismore, Bangalow Rd (bad road), Bangalow then up the Pacific hwy.
  4. Bangalow Rd is alright - it's actually the only bit of road that I enjoy on the Lismore-Brisbane run. :-s
  5. It *can* be ok but when you do it as often as I do and come across the idiots and obstacles then the realisation hits it's time for an upgrade.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, as it turned out, my co-pilot who I was dropping of in QLD needed to be there quickly so we just bombed straight up the pac highway. Not even exaggerating, we saw at least 20 police cars with radars going or pulling people up, was scary! O_O

    Im leaving tomorrow so hope some of them have taken holidays lol
  7. This time of year, on that road - just don't speed. Watch out for idiots and holiday makers and sea changers and gender changers and wildlife too, but the man is out in force and taking double money and double points at every opportunity.

    As a general rule, speed cameras in NSW are well marked - but not all of them are.
  8. Next time, if you have a bit of time, take Buckett's Way/Thunderbolt Way to Uralla, then up the New England for a brief spell, then onto the Waterfall Way and turn left just past Ebor and head north via Nymboida/Grafton/Casino. From there, you can either hook back to join the Pac Hwy at Ballina, or keep forging north via Kyogle if you want a slightly longer, less direct route.

    Grouse bit of road, you can have almost as much fun in a car as you would on a bike.