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Sydney to Rylstone & Back for the weekend

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by smidge, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. went up to a mates farm to help out with some work they are doing up there before a family wedding and took the big step of doing my first big country ride...

    what an absolute BLAST! took it really easy and had all day to get there saturday and once i'd cleared the blue mountains i hardly saw another car going to same way so i could just pace it through the corners on the way there

    weather was perfect and for the trip home today i decided to go bells line of road, much more enjoyable than via the mountains and heaps of bikers out and about

    friday i bought some proper riding boots and a slightly tinted visor which was a good investment as a few weird things happened:

    * a few k's from the farm, some birds if the grass next the road heard me coming and went to fly off, one went straight up, and the other went full force into my brand new left boot at the ankle, actually pretty painful but just bruises really

    * pulled into a servo at lithgow and felt something straight on my elbow, got my jacket off and a bee fell out of the arm and had kindly left its stinger in my elbow! luckily i'm not allergic or anything so after an hour or so it was fine.

    i think it will be a day or two before i jump back on the bike, my back is a bit achey as i haven't spent that long in the saddle before

    to any other L platers reading just give yourself a day or two and ride, no time limits and not at peak times and it is a GREAT way to get used to riding and seriously fun
  2. Congrats on your first decent ride.

    Plenty of good roads just outside of Sydney abnd glad you found some :cool:

    So no pics :cry:

    And what bike did you do this ride on?
  3. to be honest i was having too much fun to stop and take pics!! is a PITA with all the gear on to do so...

    did it all on my VTR250 stock except for a staintune...
  4. Yeah awesome dude. I'll come next time!