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Sydney to Perth just for the fun of it

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Its the Pleats, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for a challenge so I thought of doing the Nallarbor on my Versys.

    I'm hitting up all sorts of websites re long distance riding/planning etc and I've read some ride reports but I was wondering if anybody has done it recently?

    In particular, what is the longest distance between fuel?

    I'd leave from Sydney and smoke it to Adelaide then basically start the trip from there.

    Anybody want to come along? Its more of a medium term plan ie I'll have it done within 12 months from now.

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  2. My back and wrists hurt just thinking about that! Good luck
  3. Not sure how far fuel stop are between eachother. But you can always carry extra fuel with you... Friend of mine strapped a jerry can to the side of his bike for a long distance trip once
  4. I did it in the mid 80s on an 1100 Katana from Melbourne. Fuel was no problem.

    The trip west is easy. Traveling in the same direction as the sun you have plenty of daylight. West to east is of course less daylight.

    When I arrived at my destination at Perth (Mums place) Mother said to me you must be tired after your long journey. I replied "Naaahhh" and then executed 50 push ups on her lounge room floor to confirm for her all was well. Travelling the other way was a different story. When I got back to my flat in Melbourne I discovered my girlfriend had crashed my Charger. I was so shagged all I could do was fall into bed and go instantly to sleep.

    I cant recall the fuel range of my Katana so it may pay to do a bit of net surfing research on the subject to compare it with your bike. Back then you were able to maintain higher speeds without getting pinged. I was taking full advantage of that so the fuel figures you find should be pretty safe.

    Apart from fuel and lunch stops, My first stop was Port Augusta, it was still daylight but I booked into a motel and left not too long after dawn the next day.

    The next stop was Eucla on the SA/WA boarder, and the same protocol as above.

    Apart from fuel and lunch my next stop was Mums at Gosnells.

    It was September when I did that "Trip". The weather was reasonably kind to me for the trip west apart from rain for about the last 3 hours of the last leg.

    On the way back I did 2 overnight stops as I did on the way there. However as you get much less daylight I had no choice but to do many night time Ks, and I was as cold as hell for long periods. As you travel east the clocks are continuously turned forward and finding accommodation was not so easy. Which may or may not be a problem now.

    It was at times a surreal experience and one that I am very glad I did. Put your camera to good use. You will be able to create sensational pictures.
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  5. I've done that a few times and most bikes would make it across without carrying extra fuel. I adjusted my fuel stops to suit a bike with a 300km range before reserve and shown on this map link covering from Renmark SA to Norseman WA.


    There is no 24 hour fuel between Port Augusta and Ceduna but day time is no issue. Becareful what you buy at Ceduna as they might take it off you at the WA inspection point at Border Villiage.

    Advise that you don't ride it at night, to much risk with roo's, even dead ones on the road that you might not see.
  6. what time of year ?
  7. Thanks guys, helpful stuff. A quick net surf shows that fuel is probably not a problem. Headwind might burn a bit more so extra fuel might be cheap insurance. The versys get around 350km so that should be heaps.

    I didn't think about the daylight issue coming back, cheers for that!
  8. MT1, not sure yet, just planting the seed in my mind. Somebody told me (or maybe i read it on NR...) that if you have a 'big' idea, tell as many people as possible. This makes it difficult to back out if it feels all too hard. 'so, how's your perth trip coming along?' 'well, actually i've changed my mind' 'quiter!!'
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  9. This is not out of the question for me, but I would need until after Christmas to be ready.
  10. The way this year is flying by, after xmas would be likely. A few practice 'long' rides before then too - Phillip Is, Snowy Ride...
  11. Patb rode (drove?) his brand new Ural sidecar from Brisbane to Perth (where he lives) a couple of years ago

    Anything is do-able.....

  12. Actually it's a bad idea to do it on a bike at all you might hit a car or truck... Take the car.... Hang on you might have a head on collision with a Ford Louisville.

    Better not go by road at all. Go QANTAS. gotta sign off now, Air Crash Investigation is on TV now... never miss it.
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  13. =D> Go the V!
  14. i will commit to it.
    and thanks for the open invitation to join

    it's a challenging one for sure. and of course you have to ride home again from Perth.
    will need propper planning and preparation and fresh tyres
  15. Fresh tyres is very right. Unless you have seriously hard touring tyres you
    will need to replace the rear when you get to Perth and when you get back home.
  16. How many days you thinking?
  17. Well, now that a couple of peeps are think about it... so am I!

    At 3am this morning as I was rocking my new born (second child) back to sleep, I was thinking something like this:

    Since I am on ALL my annual leave for the year at the moment (damn kids! :) ), I won't be able to take a block of time off. That and taking a couple of weeks off to ride my bike with my wife and two kiddies at home is pushing it a little. My misses is great (letting me ride with young kids at home is not to be taken for granted!) but Perth and back in one hit is a bit much. Soooooo...

    Leave early on day one and ride as close to Adelaide as possible before it gets dark and the roos come out. Early start again on day two and get to Adelaide. Then stash the bike at the airport somewhere and fly back to Sydney. Do another few days (week) at work then fly back to Adelaide. Then hit the Nullarbor hard! Two nights across I guess. Swing into Perth at some stage and ride straight to a Kawasaki shed. Drop the bike there so they can do a oil/filters/chain/tyre service while I fly back to Sydney to do another week of work!

    Fly back to Perth, pick the bike up and basically do the reverse all the way home.

    Sounds a little less adventurous when I write it down like this but the 3 or 4 full days each way riding the Nullarbor while not being away too much is what I find attractive.

    Right, my new boy has just fallen asleep and the Wallabies just won via a penalty after the siren, shweet! I'm going to bed before something ruins my evening!

    Night all!
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  19. Doing Wagga to Perth in Late August 2012.

    3 of us going, 5 days to get overthere, 5 days poking around in WA, then 5 days back.

    Just for something to do.

    I usually ride dirt, so this will be a new experience for me.... tar all the way.
  20. Cool, what bikes you taking?