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Sydney to Mudgee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bellamycmr, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. A few or us are riding out to Mudgee, staying overnight and riding back via Bathurst.

    Anyone know any "must see" places to visit along the way?

  2. the fruit bowl @ bilpin - make sure you get some fresh apple pie

    other than that, the road from richmond to mudgee is f**king fantastic, continuous meandering curves, hills and sweepers. recently did the drive (before we had bikes) and was depressed the whole way cos i was driving a camry!!
  3. You own a camry and a bike. Surely a new thread calling out here, "most unlikely car/bike owing combinations"
  4. Go up via Kandos and Rylstone. The Mudgee road is a little boring and Rylstone is the best country town in Australia.

    There are two roads (3 actually) roads from Rylstone to Mudgee. Via Lue is a little more open but there is an olive place along the way, Lue is worth a (quick) look and there are some wineries towards the end (Moothi is a must try).

    The Gulgong road is much more of a bike road, but doesn't go all the way to Mudgee. You still need to do a bit of the Mudgee road.
  5. On the way back down to Bathurst, If you don't mind a little bit of good gravel/dirt, (only a few kays) Hill End and Sofala are great little towns to cruise through and explore. Ye Olde Worlde Charm. I did it on my VTR250 and a mate on his CBR600. It's a bit of a time warp as the old buildings and streets haven't changed much at all.

  6. Awesome feedback and tips, thanks everyone!

  7. If you call in at the Commercial Hotel in Mudgee I owe the barman 50 bucks. Thanks.
  8. Oh, there is a brewery in the main street of Mudgee. Not a lot of signage. On the western side of the main street, just north of the clock tower.
  9. Ditto the brewery. Also theres a brilliant swimming hole on the way back to Sydney. Turn left at the big intersection at.. jeez.. starts with L I think? God can't remember for the life of me. Anyway, the place with the big mining lamp.

    So.. turn left there, then head along that road until you get to an intersection with a bike dealership on the right hand side. Turn right. Now turn left up past the petrol station. On that road (somwhere) there is a small bridge and a dirt railway maintenance track on the righthand side immediately past it. Go up that. After a while you come to the old railway steam damn which they never bothered demolishing. Prime swimming spot... pure brilliance.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. Yeah thats the old railway damns on the Bells line of road just before the zig zag railway. I assume anyone going to Mudgee will be going Bells anyway.

    Water would be bloody cold at this time of year


    The turnoff is near A and the dams are left of B. The access road runs along the east side of the railway line. The last little bit down to the dam can be 4wd only so maybe part near the top and walk the last bit.
  11. I think you'd be suprised... it would make sense that having got their adrenaline fix on a bike, one would just want a car that is cheap, reliable and practical. Well, it makes sense to me anyway. My car is a Getz :)
  12. Are you thinking of Lithgow?

    A bit obvious, but I assume you were planning to do the Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst too. Apparently one of the best tracks in the world (well, according to Will Hagen anyhow) and open to the public as a public road.
  13. Pity there is a fixed speed camera and the speed linit is 60. :( You get a good feel of the steepness of the circuit though as you come down the mountain.
  14. although that yes i do want a car that is cheap, reliable and practical...pity my camry isn't cheap or really practical

    fill the tank = $85+
    rego process = $800 - $1000
    can it carry my bike? no
    easy to park? no (i got the v6 touring model, it's as long as a aircraft carrier)
    is it fuel efficient? no. unless its highway driving only then it gets like 700km+ to the tank
    does it room to spare? no. for passengers only. my gf's Jazz can be filled with twice the load and still make it across town.

    wtb a toyota ute or a small hatchback
  15. OT to the ride, but Mudgee Antiques are well worth a visit if you are interested in bargains. I got SWMBO a pair of pearl earrings there, best buy ever :)
  16. what route did you end up taking?

    curious to know as I am interested in doing this soon with the missus
  17. I thought they were old quarries that had been flooded.

    It's bloody cold at all times of year. Even middle of Feb. But yes, great swimming spot.

    Go to the second one along the road (think there are only two) for a decent rock jump. The first is much higher but not vertical unfortunately. Right at the top, there seems to be a natural spot to jump, luck a little flat depression in the rock that runs to the edge. If you jump from there, make sure you go to the LEFT! There is a large rock that surfaces to the right of there, but it doesn't go deep particularly quickly to the left.
  18. Where's the camera??

    It's been 60km/h for a long time (as long as I can remember) but I was there at the weekend and unless they've hidden it really well I never spotted it in the 40 or so laps I did over the 5 days of Drive Bathurst I was working at.