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Sydney to mt koziosko

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rolski, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Hi all, after owning my delightful cb500f for a couple if weeks, I've definitely got the bike bug, thinking of riding to mt koziosko, couple of Q's,regarding the weather, what is the best month to ride there and are there any unsealed roads on the way, cheers

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  2. The easiest way if you actually want to get to the summit is via Threadbo.A month before the Queens Birthday weekend,ski season starts then and snow is more likely and earlier in the warmer months.
    Catch the chair lift in the village up Crackenback,saves a good 4ks of steep stuff,there is a cost but worth it and follow the metal elevated walk way, stops erosion its and easy 1/2 to 3/4 day trip there and back,cannot remember the distance.Take a jacket and water,it can be warm at the start but weather changes very quickly up there.Good tar via the straight route from Sydney.Ditto from Victoria but The Alpine Way is a bit of a challenge if you are a new by.Best to take a couple of mates,defiantly do it.Great experience seeing the Main Range up there,my favourite part of Oz with the best bike roads around,take some care as some bits can be remote from quick help.
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  3. It's Kościuszko. Every Australian should spend ten minutes every Australia Day learning how to pronounce it.
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  4. Thanks Hornet, this route is a couple hrs longer that the more direct route, but u think it's the better way to go?
  5. Thanks Zim, what makes the Alpine way a challenge ?
  6. I'm heading down there at the end of Feb. Never been to the top of the mountain but definitely doing it this time around as part of a multi-day ride.

    I'll probably spend two nights in Thredbo so no riding the day I go up Kościuszko. Cabramurra will also feature on my trip (love all three roads to the top) and I may even loop via Mt Hotham.
  7. That sounds awesome Ban, hope u post your riding trip experience
  8. The most direct route is as boring as the proverbial you-know-what..
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  9. The Alpine Way is about a 120ks of tight 2 lane bliss,I did it when there was 70ks of good dirt years ago.Its now fully sealed but I have struck road works after a huge land slide a couple of years back and one hell of a lot of cars towing boats a coupe of times.Past Threadbo to the next settlement heading south,one of the townships starting with K,there are a few starting with K there is zero buildings,lots of thick bush,,plenty of great camping.Its far from having no traffic like some roads about there but with no phone service your on your own except for passing traffic.BTW on big bike weekend it also gets some sneaky radar happening.Its one of my favourites.A lot tighter than most on the NSW Alpine side of the border.Bottom line,crash out there and you will be waiting a good while for help.
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  10. Khancoban is the town you're after. We rode the AW just two weeks ago, despite it being the peak of the summer holiday season it was virtually deserted. It's rough as bags on the Corryong side, but only for a few kays. You do need to keep your wits about you, though, such traffic as there is appears suddenly and unexpectedly, given the constant state of corners you are riding. There are two nice rest areas, both at the bottom of valleys, with shade and water, and at Tom Groggin's Corner you are only a few kays as the crow flies from the summit of Mount K.
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  11. Look up Bikerbits.com.au They have a story about riding there and hiking to the top
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  12. I'm heading there again Thursday. I go regularly and if keen may have 1 bed in the accommodation.
  13. Thanks for offer Tweet, I haven't been on a bike for about 20yrs,so want to get a few k's under my belt,before I do a long trip, good luck with the ride.