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Sydney to MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by betty, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hi - am keen to get to the MotoGP this year is anyone going from Sydney to melbourne with a bike trailer and room for one more?
    Love to hear from you if you are share costs.

  2. Lol I'm taking 6 bike already, could strap it on the roof if u like?
  3. If you decide to do it... take a bigass tankbag to rest your chest on. Its the only thing that saved me from going insane when I did it last year. Made me want risers. Shame no one makes them for my bike anymore.
  4. Good luck with that trip Betty!
  5. thanks robsalvv, lookin forward to doin the ride from cranbourne to the island, but have done the melb-syd before and not looking forward to that part! anyway will suck it up and enjoy the scenery. go whore-hay..
  6. Yes it is a bit of a hike, there should be other riders heading down so perhaps you can tag along. Avoid the Hume or you will bore yourself silly. Have fun.
  7. did you manage to find anyone to do the trip from sydney with?

    i want to ride down, but my mate wussed out and is flying. And i don't want to do it alone so if you can't find anyone or know of people who are riding down can you PM me?
  8. There seems to be a big chunk of this thread missing? :-s

    Anyway we're doing the whole trip on our bikes - I'm thinking it could be quite painful but can't wait!!

    Anyone got any tips?

    Graham :)
  9. Moditorial duties were required for off topic b.s.
  10. Yes sweetie and I was partly to blame.......sometimes I dribble like a newborn on the breast.........
  11. the coast road is longer, but most sensible people do Sydney-Eden on one day, and the rest of the trip the next day

    us naked bike riders with fairings do it all on the one day, 15+ hours including stops, and then ride out for coffee after we get there
  12. what naked bike riders ride longer
  13. yes, but usually it's the BIKE that's naked :LOL:
  14. We are planning to go down through Bombala/Delegate etc, not sure about way back but probably coastal road.

    Here's the planned route down


    We plan on getting to Bairnsdale on the Wed pm so we can do the Barry Sheen tribute ride to the circuit on Thursday.

    We're all on naked bikes - will be an interesting trip!


  15. Go the B roads - easy in one day!.

    The Hume makes you go to sleep!.

    Fair dinkum, ther are some of the best motorcycling roads between Sydney and Melbourne - Try them!.
    Worth adding an extra day for safety if you want to enjoy it the most.

    Dont take the boring hwy - just end up with worn centres of your tyres.
  16. Im thinking of riding down aswell, just need to sort out a pending purchase!
  17. What, a bike that will make it?:cheeky:
  18. Whats your bike, what sort of top triple tree do you have on it.
    I have 12 inch risers on mine, Excellent for the long hauls, exceptionally comfy,
    increased the road handling 10 times over, I Dont get aches, pains or cramps,
  19. (y)
  20. There are boring bits that are hard to miss but there are also bit that defy discription,by far the best bike roads in the country live halfway down there and even head in the right direction to get to the Island,go buy a map,plan fuel stops and have the time of your life.