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Sydney to Melbourne route suggestions

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by travelin_trent, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hey guys & gals - am planning a ride from Sydney to Melbourne taking up to a week. I'm hoping to take in as many of the classic rides as possible and am willing to criss cross a little as I come down. Any suggestions for the route taken would really be appreciated

  2. One week Sydney - Melb - Sydney, or just Sydney - Melb?

    Never done it, but Yass to Tumut via Wee Jasper is supposed to be a good one. met a biker up there who was headed that way and he raved about it - I think much of it is dirt though - not sure how you are with that.

    Good rds/routes:

    Cooma - Jindabyne - Khancoban. Either Murray River Rd or Murray Valley Rd or both - try and incorporate Granya Gap into it (connects the 2). From there head down either the Kiewa Valley Hwy or Redbank rd (runs parallel to the Kiewa) to Mt. Beauty, across Tawonga Gap (must do!) to Bright. From Bright you can head either to Mt Hotham (this short but twisty and elevated part of the rd still freaks me out) - Omeo - Bairnsdale (much much funner for moi) or you can go from Bright to Myrtleford and shortly after turn off for Milawa and then down to Whitfield to Mansfield to Merton and then you have the choice of turning off for Euroa and heading down the Hume towards Seymour...not long after Euroa there should be a turn off for the Old Hume Hwy till you get to Seymour. I've never done it but remember some guys telling me about it whilst up that way a couple of wknds ago. From Seymour down to Yea and from there head to Flowerdale - Kinglake. Not sure where you go from there though as I've never done it. Only gone from Yea to Strath Creek to Broadford (another fun route).

    TRacking back a bit (I'm confusing you aren't I?) ;) when you get to Merton, instead of heading for Euroa, you can go down to Alexandra and then Healesville via the Black Spur. Plenty of other rds around there that I'm not familiar with but Melb Netriders know like the back of their hand...eg Reefton Spur.

    Just some suggestions. Hope you follow? lol. Haven't even mentioned the coastal rds you could take - Brown Mtn..Mt. Imlay rd...Monaro Hwy down to Cann River - or you could go Mt. Imlay rd..up the Monaro to Bombala to Delegate to Orbost (that bit of rd has absolutely everything imaginable..lol..dirt in sections, tightness, sweepers, etc etc. I need to do it again, and this time I'll be prepared..haha).

    Have a blast trent! And be sure to post here about it - look forward to seeing photos too. ;)
  3. In Sept 2006, in a week I did the following:

    Melb - Syd (Penrith) - 1 day
    Penrith - Port Macquarie - 1 day (stayed in Port 2 nights)
    Port - Penrith - 1 day
    Penrith - Eden - 1 day
    Eden - Melb - 1 day

    great trip

    Melb - Syd I took this route :

    Syd - Eden I took this route :

    Eden - Melb I took this route :

    I can highly recommend the coast as a FANTASTIC way to ride from Syd to Melbourne, but you should take 2 days in order to to be able to take it all in.