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sydney to melbourne on tw200

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by sydneycraig, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. got a mates stag/bucks doo down in melbo in november and thinking of making a road trip of it on my tw200.... gets a bit whaaaaily over 95kms (will go to 115 but makes a fuss..) so best make the best route choices!

    no great rush but thinking 1 or 2 stops (camping/hotel/b&b) each way for a pretty relaxed trip....

    so i know not too much route choice, but any recommendations of best roads/detours/stops bla bla to take much appreciated

    furthest have been to date is sydney to uladulla...


  2. do it :D
    Looking forward to pics and write up
  3. Down the hume would be the best bet. Your looking around 11 hour ride at that speed. I have done in it in 9½ with a few 15 mns stops in the car.
    Places to stop
    Gundagai or Yass
    Albury for a sleep over.
    I would avoid Canberra as you turn of the hume to early and there really is bugger all there.
    I like the drive between Albury to MLB via forest and stuff and one of the rest stops has a coffee/ place but is only open at night.
    The hume would be the safest option for fuel stops as well plenty of them
  4. assumed the coastal route would have more to see (sea...) bit longer i guess but no real rush...probably be ruined from the actual bucks in melbo so need to take a week to get home!
  5. stuff the hume its so boring. if your not in a rush take the coast road, there are lots of good twisties along the way if you want to get a bit silly too.

    E.g. on the way down from sydney, go via macquarie pass and kangaroo vally (avoid kvally road, its quite perilous, though very scenic.)

    here is a route i planned as a part of a road trip down to tas, which ill hopefully do in summer.


    thats day one, then the next day:


    Should be do able, however i have not done it, the furthest ive been is to batemans then onto canberra via kings highway.
  6. google maps rocks hey...
  7. looks the goods, perhaps also see if you can work in some of the nice roads that the melbourne crowd ride, black spur or whatever they call it (im sure a victorian will enlighten you) apparently they are very nice roads. My route was designed to be the very senic route, and takes in all the twisties it can possibly do with out double backing. might be a bit excessive :p
  8. I wouldn't take the Hume, too many trucks and it's boring.

    The Princes Hwy is the go, if you're not in a rush. Scenic, more relaxed pace, much more interesting road. On the downside is the prevalence of gray nomads, and depending on traffic, lack of overtaking opportunities - (both for you and traffic that wishes to overtake you).

    Take the coastal road between Bermagui & Tathra, nicer and less traffic than the hwy.
  9. It'll be shit on the TW. On the bright side, the road noise from the tyres might hide the noise of the bike revving itself to bits. It'll be more of an excercise in endurance, rather than anything fun.

  10. dont need to be going 100+ to have fun...but yep, would rather do it on your sr400!#
  11. Just looking at old posts... I never made this trip but did ride recently around Thailand on a pcx 125cc scooter... Size really doesn't matter!!
  12. Found this old thread... deciding on whether or not to ride to sydney mid April or to fly and this is very helpful!

    Feel like I would get bored on the hume, and am happy to take two days to do the trip, no rush!

    Any suggestions?
  13. if you've done long runs before...go the coastal route as unconnected suggest...via lakes entrance bermagui narooma moruya batemans bay ulladulla nowra etc....just be prepared to either kick it into full hoon mode when needed or pull over to let someone pass if they are riding your ass as people do like to speed along the princes highway regardless of the occasional police floating round
  14. Thanks @87crisis

    I think I prefer the coastal route, I struggle to stay focused on long highway runs so the hume isn't really an option.

    I have done group rides that long before, but never a solo run, so a bit nervous about that (mainly cause my sense of direction stinks ;) )
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  15. if you're stretching it over two days you'll be fine....just make sure you take extra 10 mins or so when you re-fuel to stretch your legs and have a drink....i tend to favour riding alone personally as you can do things at your own pace and there is no pressure.

    best of luck with whatever you choose regarding the trip north.
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  16. forget the Hwy... your on a TW200, look at back roads and dirt.

    think about these rides:

    1. Canberra - Numeralla - Nimitabel - Jindabyne... then 'The Barry Way',( unreal scenery) - Buchan
    try and take in Grand-ridge trail, in Vic.

    2. Dargo - Mt Hotham - Omeo (or Dargo to Omeo via Berrigen trk) - Corryong - Tumbarumba -
    Tumut-Wee Jasper - Yass - Goulburn - Oberon

    Plenty of variations on these routes.
  17. Thanks @dobbo

    I'm actually not the original poster, I have a Honda cbf 250 and I am heading from Frankston to the blue mountains, I have just hijacked an old thread :)
  18. Have you considered turning inland at Bateman's Bay -> Braidwood, Tarago, Gouburn, Taralga, Oberon, and join the Gt Westrn Hwy at Hartley. Just another option :)