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Sydney to Melbourne on a 250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matressking, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. So, i'm going to melbourne for 2 weeks training with work and don't really want to leave my bike behind and resort to public transport!

    It's a Across so a little bigger than a lot of 250s.

    Question is, will it be stupidly uncomfortable for say....10 hours? I've only really ridden for maybe an hour at a time so don't really have anything to compare to.

    Yikes even typing it makes me want to reconsider!

  2. hmmm...might do sydney-canberra-melbourne over a weekend.

    never been to canberra.

    maybe i could convince them to let me put my bike on a train for the way back!
  3. Public transport in Melbourne is reasonably good, certainly better than Sydney. I'd just be flying down and using PT. The Sydney-Melbourne slog down the Hume is painfully boring, often dangerous due to the number of semi's and also heavily policed.
    Also if you've never done a whole day ride, doing that slog as a first dip into those sort of waters could be a little more than you're prepared for physically and mentally.
  4. i was reading a US Kwaka forum and a guy was doing a trip from Boston - Florida - LA - Vegas - Detroit -Boston on a new 250 ninja. LOOOOOOONG ass ride, but said he enjoyed it and wasn't too uncomfortable. If he did get uncomfortable, he'd pull over for 15 minutes, jump around and then back on the bike

    I guess it depends on what kind of time frame you're looking at. Whether it's a weekender or a one day-er?

    If you are doing 10 hours straight after only riding an hour at a time, then maybe reconsider
  5. Never ridden than more than an hour? Then doing the whole slog wouldn't be advisable. Make sure you get out there for a few hour ride before attempting it - most importantly, go sit on the freeway for half an hour, then back. The first freeway burl on a bike is a killers, so get it done long before you go.
  6. I would recommend going for a longer ride before attempting syd>melb trip.

    What I have done before was graually go for a longer ride. like from 1 hour to 2 hours then for 4 and then a whole day. I done a whole day down great ocean road and got ~600km that day.
  7. What the others have said - it's doable (I did a few trips from Melbourne to Canberra "nonstop" on the VTR250), but if you've only ever spent ~1hr at a time on the bike you might be lacking personal endurance.

    As the others have said, the Hume's rather boring and extremely heavily policed; in fact, they've recently begun replacing sections of armco and WRB with police cars.

    Unfortunately the other routes are all longer both in distance and time investment... Though the coast road would be nice to make a weekend of, as I did last year when I drove my sportscar from Melb -> Wollongong to relocate. :)
  8. yeah do a few bigger rides and then jump from place to place over a few days.. say syd - can.. can - middle of knowwhere.. middle of knowwhere - mlb.. and yeah the public transport ni MLB craps all over the sydney stuff.
  9. Cheers for the advice guys. Have lived in Melbourne so know all about the pt but have just gotten so used to having the bike!

    it's not for about 2 months so maybe ill try to get in a few longer rides and then break it down even further as OBH suggested
  10. as long as you can get 3 - 4 hours in and still be good you will do it. sh1t boring ride though so you may want to find some back roads.
  11. It gets boring in a car with mates, I can't imagine it on a motorcycle all alone - You'll be a Philosopher by the end of it.
  12. all the worlds problems would be solved and then you would go for a beer and forget them all.. maybe some music.
  13. at one stage flying was cheaper than driving.

    not sure what the ticket rates are like now.
  14. on a good ticket it still is. im up and down all the time as have a brother down there.. you can get a ticket for $80 sometimes. i got nothing on this weekend i might try this trip by bike just to see
  15. put an audiobook on your iPod :)
  16. learn a language
  17. at that distance you could learn 5 :LOL:
  18. just imagine every little rattle, squeak and so on you would start hearing.. for me it would be normal though as my bike rattled out of the plant
  19. I did the run from Wollongong to Melbourne (and back) for the Icicle Ride recently. I had my UHF CB radio and MP3 player hooked up to the bike's Starcom1, so essentially the trip was me thinking about:
    * How incredibly farkin' cold I was.
    * How much chatter there was on the truck channel warning about speedtraps and truck-inspections every 5 kilometres.
    * How my teeth seemed to chatter in time with the music.

  20. As someone who's done a lot of mileage on small bikes - SA - Bathurst on an RD350, Canberra Melbourne and back on a 250, and numerous other rides, I can happily recommend that you do this one on a 250.

    If Pete Thoeming (The Bear) could do UK to Australia overland on an XT250 single many years ago then a trip from Sydney to Melbourne shouldn't strain your abilities.

    Get a sheepskin cover for your seat. Do some longish rides first and get a feel for your fuel usage on a long trip; although a stop every couple of hours is a good idea.

    An audio book(s) for your ipod is a really good idea. If you don't use an ipod or similar (or just want to do without it for a while) then make sure you take earplugs - a quieter ride is a lot less tiring.