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Sydney to London on a postie bike called Dot

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nathanthepostman, May 14, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just found the site and thought it was the kind of place that might be interested in my trip.

    Me and my postie bike Dot are riding from Sydney to London and are currently in Thailand. So far we've crossed through East Timor, Indonesia and Malaysia and head over to Nepal next week.

    From there south into India then west, crossing through Pakistan, Iran and Turkey before finally arriving in England by August.

    We've had a blast so far with both of us holding up pretty well. Dot's got a bit of a vibration and I've got a numb arm but other that we're doing a ok.

    The trip's totally solo and uns-supported. honda didn't wany to know, so it's just me and Dot and a pair of Converse trainers.

    A couple of pics below, but plenty more at www DOT thepostman DOT org DOT uk

    Hope to see you there.

    Nathan and Dot.

    *just seen I have to send five msgs before i can upload pics. One down four to go.)

  2. Good work. Thanks for taking the effort to share your experiences.
  3. Oh wow, crazy, but awesome! :)
  4. wow, what a trip!

    How long do you expect the whole journey to take?

    have you told Ewan and Charley? :)

    why do the trip in the first place?

    Cheers. and keep us updated
  5. Check out the website!

    The man's mad. In a good way.
  6. safe travels!

  7. hey, cool :D

    im gonna check out your site, you're nuts of course lol :LOL:

    thanks for the heads up!
  8. Awesome, nice shots. Have a safe trip.

    Has your postie got any mechanical mods like chain/sprocket to increase top speed?? Where abouts did you source the tank from?
  9. Lol, I don't really think you need to do the AT thing for a web address, no one's going to send email to it.

    Onya too, I'd love to do something like that...

    ... but on a KTM Adventure or a 1200GS or something :|. Don't die.

    Also, as if take a boat from Turkey to Italy :-O. Skipping Myanmar and Bangladesh is bad enough.
  10. Sorry guys for not updating this, been a bit busy trying to figure how the bloody hell I'm going to get past Iran and Pakistan. No visa for the former you see, not now they're chanting 'death to the British.'

    India's manic though, really not the place to ride, but it keeps you on your tooes, and in the hedges as you swerve to avoid the oncomer.

    Dot, the bike's, doing swell. No problems but I did buy her inn her prime. I got her from One Ten motorcycles up in Caboulture who'd set up sweet. She already had the long range tank, panniers, seat cover and o-ring chain that I think still runs on standard sprokets.

    There'd be no point gearing it for more speed 'cause you'd never get there what with all the weight. The petrol tank's the handiest addition, I get about 400 kays from that and the standard one but there's plenty of pumps around these parts anyway so no big deal.

    Scher or someone mentioned missing out Burma and Bangladesh. Sad thing is my friend you can't ride through Burma so it kind rules that out. that's why I had to ship to Nepal, but believe me, if I could have ridden it I would.

    Same goes for now; it looks increasingly unlikely that we'll be crossing Pakistan and Iran, meaning an alternative route. But that involves either a plane, a boat, or China. And crossing China takes four months of paperwork and a squillion bucks.

    The only option I have to avoid any accusations of cheating from the likes of Mr Scher is to fly due north to Kazakhstan - the home of Borat - and ride down through the other Stans, or Russia and into Turkey or East Europe that way.

    But that's all to be worked out in the next few days...
  11. Just awesome. I'm very jealous!
  12. and don't ocme off when your wearing those shorts :?
  13. Great pics, and what a great bike to do it on - I owned a postie as my only transport for a few years. Keep us updated.
  14. I'll be watching you :mad: :p.

    Nah seriously man, I've been subscribed to your RSS feed and following your journey, wish you the best of luck with it.

    Kazahkstan would be an interesting journey - the http://www.tokyotolondon.com/ guys did it and didn't like the country much, but it might have changed since 1994.
  15. I've been following your trip on ADVRider.... your videos and story telling are incredibly entertaining. Hope that you sort out your Iran, Pakistan, China issues soon.

    I think flying north to Kazakhstan is the way to go though, it seems much cheaper than hiring a guide to tail you through China.

    Checkout http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=460631 for more commentry from other adventure riders....
  16. i rofl'd on your Annie Lennox vid, classic
  17. I am jealous what an adventure.

    Shame Honda didn't want to partake. Well i suppose if you where are movie star that fell over all the time they would be up for it. :grin:

    Anyways i wish you all the best with the rest of the journey i will monitoring your progress.
  18. brave pom rides a CT110 postie from australia to england overland

    via 18 countries....nuts and totally brave.

    I've been following this for months now on a different website and this british guy is my hero for the following reasons:

    -riding through 18 countries overland to england from sydney.
    -choice of bike, a CT110 honda postie
    -going for 8 months and 70000km's
    -chronicling this mega journey for many people to follow

    here's the thread, page 1 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=460631

    here's his arrival via ferry at dover! page 120! http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=460631&page=120

  19. Re: brave pom rides a CT110 postie from australia to england overland

    He wrote a post on here before he left Australia. CBF looking for it though. Champion effort!