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Sydney to Logan in April

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Jasonjetski, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls,
    I just bought a 2010 BMW R1200RT and Iam going for a ride in early April to Logan from Sydney.
    Each time I have gone there,I have gone via the Pacific Highway and last time bored me to tears.
    I have decided to head on up to Newcastle via F3 (M1) and then try out Buckets way and Thunderbolt way for the first time.
    From there I will just be following the GPS to Armidale where I will grab a campsite for the night. Then the following morning I will continue the rest of the way just following the GPS.
    Is there anything I should look out for along the way?
    Never gone this way before. Should I be scared if it is wet weather. ( I tense up a bit in the wet weather )
    Regards Jason

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  2. You can make quite a trip of this JasonjetskiJasonjetski ;)

    If the route is open to change, consider coming up the Putty Rd from Sydney, then either across to the Pac Hwy via Hexham / Raymond Tce to Bucketts OR through Dungog & the Stroud Hill Rd to Bucketts, THEN up Thunderbolts to Walcha. This is about 460-480 km depending on where you start in Sydney. From here, you can either stay in Walcha or press on to Armidale (another 65 km). Advantage of staying in Walcha is that you can do THE OXLEY ( :woot: ) the following day across to the coast, although this makes a much longer day and its arguably more fun in the other direction uphill. If you stay in Armidale, you can either take the New England Hwy the whole way to the Qld border OR go across through Nymboida to Grafton then take either the Pac Hwy or Summerland Way from there (about 500 km from Armidale).

    Most of these roads are in reasonable repair -- the section from Singleton to Bucketts via Dungog isn't the best, but slowly being upgraded. My personal opinion is that Bucketts is a bit overrated, but its still better than the freeway. I can't comment on the road through Nymboida as I haven't done it in ages, but the others are reasonably well-travelled country roads. They're hands-down better riding the Pac Hwy.

    All the usual precautions about riding in the country apply: wildlife, livestock, roadkill, trucks, local maniacs, etc.

    Let us know your final route!
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  3. Thanks for the advice DR Sleepy. I have never ridden on the Putty road,But I guess it will be a lot better than fighting the traffic on the M2/M7 and Pennant hills road 6am on a Monday morning.
    I will be leaving from Blacktown.
    Regards Jason
  4. For crossing into QLD definitely go Summerland way from Kyogle or even Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd for a more scenic route.
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  5. No problems JasonjetskiJasonjetski (and thanks to CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster for sorting out the cross-border part of the route).

    The Putty is generally a pretty good riding road -- the surface is certainly above average compared to your typical country "middle of nowhere" road, and the corners are generally well-surveyed and predictable. The top part is where most of the fun is in terms of twisties, but even the bottom will be far more fun than Sydney traffic. From the top of the Putty you can either continue up the New England Hwy to Armidale (not much fun) or cut across to Bucketts like I mentioned previously.

    Have a play with Google Maps & see where you end up. ;)
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  6. Thanks for all the input guys.
    Just 11 hours to go until I jump on the Beamer and to start the ride,I will head from Blacktown to the Putty road.
    Iam hoping to finish the day around Armidale area and set up camp there for the night.
    It will be my first solo trip in over 2 years. And first long ride without my girlfriend for over 2 years too.
    Camera is charging and the bike is all packed ready to go.
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  7. Hi Everyone,
    Today has been a great ride. I left Blacktown at 5am. Rode to Windsor and had a Maccas brekkie while waiting for the sun to come up.
    I was amazed at the lack of cars on Putty rd.
    I had a clear ride all the way. Overtook one car twice on Putty rd. Once before Grey gums and once again after a cuppa.
    There were no cars behind me all the way.
    Putty road is just a really nice ride. The road has a great surface and is surveyed really well.
    The recommended speeds on bends are a little conservative compared to other roads,but good fun. I believe weekend traffic sucks on Putty road,but Monday morning was perfect.
    Grey Gums cafe is the perfect place for riders.
    They have concrete strips designated just for bikes and fire pits and also camping too.
    No phone reception there for me though.
    Coffee was great.
    Once I hit Singleton,I wanted to get to Buckets way and Thunderbolt way. I don't know my way anywhere there,so I just followed my GPS.
    Followed a road about 10ks only to find the road closed 800m from where I had to turn off.
    Screw it I said and just backtracked to go New England Highway.
    Stopped at Musselbrook to refuel and had a great ride to Tamworth. For some reason my GPS took me around the main town of Tamworth???
    Then thought it best to fill up again at Armidale where I had planned To stop for the night.
    I arrived too early. (First time that has happened)
    So just kept going to where I grabbed some truck stop food for lunch.
    Got as far as Glenn Innes and grabbed a room for the night.
    The bike....... Boris has run like a dream.fuel average is 4.6litres per 100ks. I sat on the speed limit through any towns. And Iam not gonna lie to you about the open roads.......
    Comfort........ I popped a couple of Panadol as I left home and only felt my neck get a little stiff around lunch time.
    Didn't feel any discomfort in the bum all the way.
    Once the right air volume is found in the Airhawk,it is great.
    Anyway. Time for a quiet drink now and some dinner to.
    Tomorrow I have a mere 400km to go.
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  8. Iam home again now.
    Yesterday morning I left Greenbank near Brisbane sorta. I left around 730am,So got a bit of morning traffic for a while,But nothing like Sydney traffic.
    The day soon started warming up. I went along the Cunninham highway which was great fun in the uphill climband nice bends along with the views too.
    Then took the never ending New England highway. Stopped for fuel and a quick drink at Tenterfield and then kept riding South to Glen Innes where I stopped for lunch at a Gormet pie shop. The local Highway patrol Police were there having lunch,So I guess the food must be alright. No matter how old I get,I always feel guilty as soon as I go near the Police.
    I was feeling pretty good again after that and still pretty comfy on the bike after 400k's, So I pushed on to Tamworth and didnt see any fuel stations on the left side,Yet I saw heaps on the right (Northbound) side.
    For some stupid reason I refused to turn around at a roundabout and just fill up. I pushed on and thought I would just go to the next town. My fuel remaining went from 130km to 70km remaining withing 35km and there was no sign of a town up ahead,so I swallowed my pride and went back to Tamworth to fill up.
    It was 34*C at that point and didn't want to walk for fuel.
    I then pushed on to Mussellbrook where I stopped to send some messages and let people know Iam still upright.
    That is when I saw the whole front of the bike sprayed with someones engine oil. Iam not sure what car it came from,But it is everywhere and just smeared on the windscreen when I wiped it. So glad I take a couple of cloths with me. One to get the bulk and the other to clean crap off.
    I got around Newcastle are as it got dark and my eyes suck at night time,But there were plenty of cars to follow.
    At this point I still felt pretty fresh and safe to push on to home.
    I got to Thornleigh on Pennant hills rd. Then found my legs were not too coordinated stopping at traffic lights. It felt like I was a learner,Or drunk.
    But got home just after 8pm pretty happy that I did my first 1000km day on the Beemer.
    Pretty happy with the way it handled the trip.
    Fuel used was 4.5L per 100k's
    Average speed was somehow only 82.1kmh although I thought I was over 100kmh most of the way.
    Used no oil.
    The Airhawk is the best $219 I ever spent. It just takes a while to get that perfect pressure.and position,But once you do,There is zero ass pain.
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  9. :cool:Well done, the airhawk is incredible for long distance riding once you get the pressure correct.I agree the Cunningham and New England highways are far more interesting with much less traffic than travelling to Sydney region
    via Pacific Hwy/A1 and M1. Last trip I did down south to Goulburn via Tamworth I stayed at the Bendemeer Hotel over night just before Tamworth. Excellent accommodation and food, you get a lock up garage including in the price and the beer is great after a 6 hr ride.:depressed:
    How big is the tank on your BMW?

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  10. The fuel tank is 27 litres and that gives me according to the computer,about 550km,But the last 150k's sees it drop pretty fast and the warning comes on at around 430km.
  11. That is an impressive size fuel tank for touring .:)