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Sydney to Kangaroo valley... Noob solo trip!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Christinek, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I had a look at other threads with Kangaroo valley in them but not sure they quite answer exactly what I need...

    Tomorrow arvo I'm heading to Kangaroo Valley, solo. I'm on my Ls and this will be my first 'long' trip. I know there are a few different routes I could take, so could someone please suggest the best route option that...
    * Won't have too many windy turns (when I'm more experienced I'll defo take that route!!)
    * I hopefully won't be holding traffic up -- as I'm a good girl and will be going the legal limit of 80 ;)
    * Has somewhere easy to stop for a feed and to fill up
    I'll be leaving CBD at 4pm, hoping I won't hit too much traffic... (in my dreams!)

    Basically I want something relatively safe

    Cheers :)

  2. Hi Christine,

    Coming from Vic, I can't offer you any advice with the route, but kudos to you for making the decision to pack your bike and head off on an adventure. Remember to post up about your trip and don't forget photos,

    Enjoy a safe and exciting trip :playful:
  3. :D thanks for the encouragement NedNed ! I'm heading for a Dragon Boat race, so it will be an action packed weekend :p :D
  4. first up, L's can go 90 :)

    easiest is M5 to Hume Hwy, then turn off at Mittagong and head south thru Kangaroo Valley.

    alternatively, Princes Hwy, bypass Wollongong, go through Albion Park, bypass Kiama, through Berry and turn north toward Kangaroo valley (before Nowra). could also do same then go up through Robertson, and south through Kanga valley

    being afternoon and sun from west, I'd suggest going south through Kangaroo valley, as it will be easier on the eyes.

    I'm sure there are people around if you want a shadow once you are in the Illawarra
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  5. Though that RMS page does conflict with the information on this RMS page:


    Rules for learner riders
    • Observe a maximum speed limit of 90 km/h, and observe the posted speed limit, where it is below 90 km/h
    Confusing when the RMS cant even provide a consistent message (though not surprising!)!

    Very kind of oldcorollasoldcorollas to put those maps together.

    Option 1 puts you on the M5 and all the madness that that will entail Friday evening (plus 110km speed limit in parts). Plus the last part of the ride - the drop down into Kangaroo Valley might be a bit of an ask at the end of your first big ride.

    Personally, I would recommend Option 2 for you, and entering Kangaroo Valley from the south. Plenty of places to stop refuel and rest on this route as well.
  6. #8 oldcorollas, Jan 8, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2015
    that site is WRONG :p

    (edit: beaten to the punch :p )

    plus, the new L plates actually have 90 on them. mine definitely did


    Option 1 is highway. no real place to stop, unless you detour to Campbelltown/Narellan on the way, or until you get to Mittagong.

    Option 2, if you get off at Helensburgh/Stanwell tops, you can minimise your exposure to 110km/hr zones, but more suburbia and probably more traffic, although is never too bad.
    could also detour through Gerringong and Gerroa on the way to berry.. avoiding the traffic through foxground
  7. Na its 90 in NSW for ls and peeeeees definitely truly ruly
  8. Cambewarra mountain from south is probably better road going up, but down into kangaroo valley from there is also a bit tricky.. but you're right, probably better than from Fitzroy falls

    either way is fine if you take it slowly and carefully :)
  9. your going to have to be really carefull travelling around kangaroo valley and surrounding areas at dusk, theres a risk of wildlife crossing the road in those sort of areas, such as kangaroos and deer
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  10. I go through Kangaroo Valley regularly.Coming in from Bomaderry (Nowra ) or from Fitzroy Falls is similar. Curves are well marked .Try to stick to advisory speed limits and be careful of a few of the sharp bends- especially coming downhill ! The Princes Highway is multi laned to Geringong. Past there it is 80 kph (mostly).A few trucks use Kangaroo Valley Road and can slow you if you get behind them .Not many overtaking opportunities. Great ride whichever route you choose. Plenty of places to get off the highway for a break. Good luck!
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  11. Better correct myself.......The road from Bomaderry (Nowra ) to Kangaroo Valley is Moss Vale Road Kangaroo Valley Road goes from Berry to Kangaroo Valley and I would not recommend it .
  12. Yes, as RennsportRennsport said - definitely don't take Kangaroo Valley Road from Berry to Kangaroo Valley - it is pot holed, rough and twisty, probably not what you are after!!
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  13. :-O I will be hitting 90 legally, wahoo!!! Thanks for that everyone. No thanks to RMS! Devils.
    Okay, I'll take that into consideration and hit up Option 2... will let you all know how I go!!
    I love netrider :D
  14. Why not do both? Make it a round trip. As Rennsport said, both sides of the valley are technical. Ride at your own pace and you'll be fine.

    My wife is away this weekend so I have Dad duty, otherwise I would gladly take you on a tour as I know the roads well, at least option 1 anyway (I'm from Mittagong).

    If I was to set out a route for you I would take you off the freeway, as you don't need it! Something like this: https://goo.gl/maps/wh77L
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  15. happy to guide you through the gong if it doesn't rain, and you want to stay off the highway.
  16. Going through the gong (if on the freeway heading to Albion park) on a Friday is usually a schermozzle.
    Bumper to bumper traffic. Horrible!
    I go to Kangaroo valley quite often, need practice going down mountains! Have also done the K. Valley rd from Berry, it is rough as, don't like it one bit! Did it when I was on my Ls, as well as the k.valley and cambewarra mtns. Whichever way you go enjoy and watch out for crazies.!
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  17. Freeways are boring - just went on a trip recently down Great Ocean Road with my wife (a bike noob) and she hated the Melbourne - Geelong leg which is essentially 80 odd km of busy highway. Plenty traffic and high wind wasn't fun for her (the rest was awesome).

    So while I don't know any of these routes you're looking at personally, I'd definitely consider the second one IMO! Have a blast and post pics!
  18. Good job going solo. For future reference:
    Much better going up Barrengary then going down. Much much better.