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Sydney to Gosford via Wiseman's Ferry and Beyond

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by CrayolaS7, May 15, 2011.

  1. Today a buddy and I headed up north west from Burwood out through Dural and onward to Wiseman's Ferry. It was good fun and there was surprisingly little traffic on the real twisty bits considering it was Saturday arvo.Unfortunately I was working at the footy in the evening so didn't have time to keep exploring, but we had a look at the map while wondering what's on the other side of the Ferry.

    We decided that it might be worth devoting a whole day to do a ride up to Gosford via Wiseman's Ferry and Mangrove Mountain. Has anyone been up that way before? Was it worth the effort? Is the road sealed all the way and if so, how good is the surface?
    google map

  2. EVERYONE'S ridden that bit :LOL:.

    The road on the other side of the ferry is rough and bumpy with lots of concealed driveways; you are also likely to meet lots of other riders; some slow and some stupidly fast. A rider was killed by another (speeding) rider on that road a couple of years ago.

    Make a REAL day of it and keep going; head over to Wollombi, then Broke and down the Putty to Windsor (y).