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Sydney to get motorcycle parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MarvinTheMartian, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. In the Sun Herald yeterday was an article reporting that the Sydney City Council have applied to the RTA to turn the No Parking/No Standing areas near street corners into motorcycle parking. :grin:


    About time a council woke up to the fact that there are more motorbikes around these days, and good on them. :)

  2. And it's all thanks to the scooter riders, not the motorbikes...

    Well there's one thing that scooters are good for.
  3. Hmm yeah we need a few more spots in Adelaide. There are a few splattered around the city but they do get pretty full...
    But you can always find a spot so i'm not fussed.
  4. No, it's thanks to Guy Stanford from the MCCofNSW who set up mets with Sydney City Council.

    And the Sydney City Council even had an evening meeting where all riders were invited to discuss issues with them, where this was one of them.

    The influx of scooter riders were taking up a lot of the dedicated motorcycle spaces in the city, which is why more were being added.
  5. Better than nothing I suppose, but in the end what you guys need is footpath parking, like us sensible southerners :)
  6. North Sydney Council seems to have got it right to begin with. Its full of free motorcycle parking. But I think its slowly getting overcrowded.

    I hope other councils follow.
  7. Sydney City Council had plenty of motorcycle parking. The huge rise in scooter's has meant all these spots are getting full now.

    There's around 350 "offical" city motorcycling parking spots.

    It's about 4 to 1, scooters vs bikes in these spots these days. 2 years ago it was the other way around.
  8. So kaer, are we going to see you and PtF at Homebush Bay tomorrow night? I'm starting to think you both only exist in cyberspace.....
  9. err, you have met both me and Pete at the first meet we had at Oporto's back in Newtown.

    I got things to do Tuesday nights. (and on the rare ones I don't, I normally do the Sydney Knights Tuesday Night Ride)
  10. I've started to give the scooter riders a bit of slack, their numbers can only mean good things for us in the long run. As for parking, i'm sure the guy that owns the BMW i squeezed next to this morning will appreciate it.
  11. Sorry, mate, you are right, that was just before Pete's accident, as I recollect.

    You have to remember at my age I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast :LOL: