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Sydney to Canberra, things to see?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by tubbsy, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I'm riding down to Canberra from Sydney this weekend and then back.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on good things to see or good pit stops to make?

    Wanna get the most out of it I can.

  2. I heard there is a good ride out to the radiotelescopes. Tidbinbilla? Once you get there you should check out the interesting museum with stuff about the moon landing.
  3. Are you talking good places to go or some nice roads + places to go?

    Obviously the M5 route is fairly bland and there isn't much to see. It will only take you 3 hours to get to Canberra and see things down there.

    If you go down the coast road and then up through Braidwood you will get heaps of good roads, lots of nice coastal towns and it will take you an extra 5 hours of riding.

    More info please! :D
  4. yes, more info

    if you want the ride, then down the old Princes Highway past Helensburgh, stay on the Highway till you get to Albion Park Rail, left onto the Illawarra Highway and up Macquarie Pass, then through Robertson and onto the Hume at Sutton Forest..
  5. THere are carbon helmets to try on for fit in Canberra :)
  6. Sorry, more info. :)

    Mrs is running a race down there, so riding down while she takes the bus. The ride down can take a few extra hours so was thinking of heading down along the coast.

    Never been past Wollongong though, so not sure what else is down that way. The radiotelescopes sound cool.

    So pretty much, keen on the ride as well as places to stop, take pics, eat tasty food, just the whole lot really. Not too keen on spending the whole time only riding, for me I like to mix it up.
  7. Fish and chips at Batemans bay, get ticket from HWP, go through the Clyde mountain, get a pie at Braidwood, get 2nd ticket from HWP, pick up a trinket in Bungendore, get accosted by a bogan in Queanbeyan, see a brothel in Canberra.
  8. and see all x rated shops in Fyshwick in Canberra
  9. You forgot fireworks, there has to be fireworks :)
  10. pr0n ... sex ... carbon fibre helmets.

    Without warning, a yearning to re-visit Canberra makes its presence felt.
  11. This sounds quite cool, is it a tunnel?
  12. Did a ride from Wollongong to Braidwood on the weekend. Went via Macquarie Pass to Robertson, then through Kangaroo Valley to Nowra, then via Nerriga. The other option would be from Nowra to Bateman's Bay for the aforementioned and delicious fish and chips, then over Clyde mountain through Braidwood and on to Canberra. Lots of good roads either way.

    Could do the RNP or the old way through Helensburgh on the way to Wollongong, or even miss Wollongong and go via Rememberance Drive through the Highlands, and to Kangaroo Valley from Bowral.

    Lots of options!
  13. Nah just a mountain pass.
  14. Even better, love a good mountain pass. Thanks guys, gonna write these down and plan a route.

    Bike in and out for service on Friday, then off early Sat morning. If anyone wants to join me you're welcome to.
  15. Yeah but its negated by the ugly women here
  16. Mental note.....bring a brown paper bag.
  17. Bring 2 - one for their head and one for yours - in case theirs falls off :)
  18. Both highly recommended rides, went on them a few months ago riding my XR600R and it was an absolute hoot as always.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. Tubbsy I'd like to to see how quick you can go around Parliament house.

    Quite possibly the largest roundabout* in the world!

    *depends on your point of view of what's classed as a roundabout.

    Some roads we usually travel to rally HQ's would be nice to ride on. If you head west along Cotter Road until you cross the Murrumbidgee river, turn right onto Brindabella road and you then have 20km each way of good riding along Uriarra state forest. We usually see bikes heading along through Cotter road and I've always wanted to go sight seeing down there.

    It is mostly pine forest that was devastated by the Canberra fires 10 years ago. Half is desolate (never recovered) and the other is pine trees. It usually comes up nice in the rally photos we get, not sure how it goes otherwise (figure you may be able to take some with your bike?)

    The radio tower is called Black Mountain by the way. You can see it from almost anywhere in Canberra so is worth a look.

    Obviously the war memorial is a nice spot as well as most things along Lake Burley Griffin.

    If you like good pies/sausage rolls, go to the Cornocopia in Braddon (near the city). It's on Mort st just North of Elouera st. No need for tomato sauce as they mix tomatoes into the sausage roll. Good coffee too. Usually got lunch there when working in Canberra.

    Enjoy the ride down and the sights
  20. The road out of Sydney is great, Hahahahahaha